Only Corps that does thier own job..and the others

Discussion in 'REME' started by Shotgun, Sep 26, 2003.

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  1. I didn't realise it til late on in my service, but I love the REME. Main reason was because as far as I can make out, we are the only Corps that can TRULY say that we can do our own jobs AND the jobs of those we serve with.

    As an armourer that always served with infantry units in LAD's, I could, and did, soldier as well as any infanteer. When the chips were down, so did the VM's, and the leccys.

    Be proud boys of the REME, and be proud of the saying; By Skill and By Fighting, because it's true.
  2. I take it that you are promoting the 'Soldier first, tradesman second' argument Shotgun. Nice try but no cigar, I'm afraid. Unless you have received specific training and have had the opportunity to apply that training 'in role', I'm afraid you just will not have the full skill set - God knows that there enough infanteers that struggle!

    Great that you love the REME - we should all be proud of what we do - and that certainly doesn't make you inferior in anyway, but don't kid yourself or anyone else that you are something that you are not. Unless you are SAS Trooper perhaps?
  3. ...and slightly disingenuous MPS; don't think that just because you are employed as cannon fodder that makes you a better soldier. The Army is all about teamwork and each Arm or Service has a role to play and a contribution to make. I am happy to take a jovial side swipe at anyone, but let's not forget how we all rely on each other when the bullets start whistling around our ears.
  4. Whenever Isee you lot in the field your normally in a tent with a thousand lights on making tonnes of noise and drinking beer....hardly "Universal Soldier".
  5. You mean to say that we were NOT meant to be doing that when 'out in the woods camping' ? Why do they give us all the generators and the fridges for the 'temperature controlled stores'?
  6. I served for many years with the infantry, and did a few choice courses, as did many other armourers and vm's that served in LAD's. I also liked the infantry, which is why I avoided workshops and the usual REME bullshyte. I know the infantry as well as any infantryman.

    It's a pity so many ******* are now seemingly in REME and incapable of doing anything but spanner monkeying.
  7. Of course I agree with a soldier first policy, don't you? As for the full skillset, if you don't have it after a few years serving with infantry in LAD's, then you should get back to a base workshop and grow into a fat cnut, like the usual REME tossers that are a waste of space to the army and no better than civvies in uniform.
  8. I think some cnuts forget that some REME actually go out with infantry units on the ground and form part of rifle companies, and even, hush my mouth, take an infantry platoon out or section on a regular basis.

    Maybe it's just how the REME has evolved into an arrogant corps over the few years since I left and they think themselves too important in their role.
  9. Never ever did that, mind you, never served in Germany with tankies.

    Maybe I should change the post into saying how SOME armourers and tradesmen did the real work and others were just fat useless cnuts that could chuck a spanner round and nothing else?
  11. RangiRam, I accept your point, but you miss mine. I have no problem with all parts contributing to an efficient whole. But I do object to the assumption that because everyone has had some Infantry experience, it is immediately assumed that everyone can be an Infantryman. Bit like saying that everyone who can drive is capable of being a F1 racing driver - they can't and they would probably end up killing themselves.

    Each to his own and accept that Infanteering is as much of a skill as any CR2 pack change!
  12. Wavell was NOT a Tanker - he was Black Watch!
  13. Alf


    [ would you consider a gun fitter capable of commanding a Chally 2(and I don't just mean driving into the servicing bay)? What about commanding MLRS, AS90]

    I remember a situation on the point when one of 2 RTR's tanks was seriously in danger of failing it's third CABF. We'd been called up every time to carry out pre firing checks and to check everything but nothing was amiss. The decision was made to let the people who knew how the actual equipment worked have a go. The Inst Tech carried out the boresighting to actually get the sighting within tolerance, there was the VM in the drivers seat, the gunfitter in the loaders bay and an ECE ! in the gunners seat. The gunnery gods were of cause floating around on the turret. Low and behold the tank passed with flying colours. Nuff said[/quote]
  14. How the fck can my opinion be ill informed when I've been there and done that?

    This isn't inflated ego about the Corps, it is an observation. Maybe the Corps has gone downhill since I left and they are NOW arrogant and have inflated egos, to such an extent that they don't think they SHOULD soldier because they are something special.

    How many LAD's have you worked in attached to infantry units?