Only British troops can sort out America's mess

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Let's hear it for The Times!!!!,,482-893640,00.html

    What on earth is to be done? I hesitate to say the British do these things better, but that is the topic of all security talk in Iraq. British patrol techniques, intelligence gathering and local training are all regarded as better than America’s. Sending British troops north to the Sunni triangle might be hard for the US Army to swallow, but that army is getting beat. A force redeployment would cost British casualties but it might buy marginally more time for a provisional government to take root.

  2. British Intelligence is pretty toss but had to agree with you and the Times that its better than the septics. But then I thought, are we sharing int with them? probably, so doesnt that make our intelligence services as bad as theirs? (by that I mean MI6 etc, not our own big timing fence checkers in the Int Corps)
    Surely if our intelligence was as good as its claimed then we would have known all along that there were no WMD and that Bush was full of shite.
  3. Where the Ham Shanks falter is force protection and local liaison, their Gung-Ho attitude yo most situations is obviously more inflammatory than the more reticent british approach
  4. well said, theyre so used to going in and bombing these 3rd world countries in to the stone age and leaving the rest of the world to sort it out. but most govts have got wise to this (except ours) and said its your mess you sort it and as youve said muckster theyre crap at it.
  5. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    I've never really bought into this theory that the Americans can't soldier, I admit its a few years since I was in but when I worked with them (in the 1980's) they were generally OK.

    I think in the long run this will do the American forces the power of good, this is real time battlefield training they are getting here (as are we). If they take on board the lessons learned both pre and post conflict they will be the better for it.

    After all, our knowledge and experiance gained from years of foot slogging around NI has trickled down into many training methods used today and is no doubt being put to good use in Iraq and Afganistan as we speak.
  6. I hate to stick up for the Spams but the Force Protection issue is not just tied in with fear of casualties/looking aggressive. US troops do not pay tax on operations providing that operation has a certain degree of risk. Even though the risk may be negligable (Bosnia) the Spam commanders still insist on a high level of Force Protection that is not necessarily commensurate with the threat. However, it does safeguard the tax perk!

    I'm quite sure I'd be queuing at the body armour store if it would save giving 40% of my cash to The Chancellor.
  7. Ill say one good thing about the spams, and that is generally they live f**king miles away from me.
  9. Nothing against them at all, but you know how it is when you write something and then get a bite? they are just the easiest people in the world to wind up, and thats saying something especially if youve ever been on GI Jargon.
  10. "Force Protection" is a wide issue, and one closest to the heart of any security specialist; and not just in the military sphere. Every western organisation in the Middle East has to think in these terms now: it has to - what would be the alternative? Consider the number of lives being (hopefully) protected around the region. I have every sympathy for the guys doing the job up in Iraq; US, UK or whatever. I do it in a much softer part of the world, but the tension is still very high, and I need serious leave every so often!
  11. The yanks are so arrogant and stupidly keep buying into there own propaganda, I am not saying any soldier should ever disobey an order, but they are so patheticly thick on average they do not learn, theatremans quote is so true, except this time they have to clean up there own mess, and they can't, they have not a clue where to begin should we the British , or anyone for that matter go clean it up for them? contencious point.

    Last article I saw was at the current rate of losses they are suffering , there will have been over 1500 body bags returned(since the so called end of hostilities) to the US at the start of the next election period in that country, what chance Bush you think this time even with there wonderfull re count system?

    Every Yank I talk to or come into contact with is callng it Iraqnam.
  12. Unfortuneately the Americans are complete crap. Especially their politics. Same goes for their forces as well!!
  13. Nothing like the learned opinion of an expert.
  14. Bub, people like you have swayed my opinion towards the unwashed, benny hill loving, slack jawed hicks we like to call spams. You're not all bad!

    Just LNV portrays the nation as inbred Darwin award winners!!

    I suppose it takes the heat off the French anyway!

    For now.
  15. Some people do have their uses.

    While I do agree that more Americans need to develop their sense of humor, I do take issue with people who make unqualified, asinine statements to fit in with the group. I can see Theatreman hates Americans, and from what I gather, is probably well earned. It's a deep seated hatred that will probably never go away, despite the fact we don't all fit into the same ilk.

    There are others though...they would do well to keep their fookin' traps shut unless they have something to back it with. Bring it to the table, as it were.