Only Blair could save Labour now

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by parapauk, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Maybe, if ,and it would have to be live on the telly, he was to eviscerate all of the labour front bench with a chainsaw or something nice and splattery like that before topping himself then I might forgive the *.
    Otherwise, not a chance. :)
  2. The cnut wouldn't go back anyway, he saw the writing on the wall which is why he left. He might be a tw@t but he's not stupid.
  3. It absolutely amazes me that people say they would still vote for that man. The mind truly does boggle.
  4. Does make you wonder WHAT he could actually do....

    Seppu Ku perhaps? (Fcuked if I know how to spell it).
  5. It's possible the poll respondents were only saying it in the hope that the cnut would come back and reap what he had sown. The only alternative its a strikingly convincing argument against universal suffrage. What wouod he do if he came back? Grin, mumble in that faux self-deprecating matter that he was a 'pretty decent sort of guy' in the face of ten years of evidence to the contrary? Try to climb up the arrses of the Obama camp the same way he did the Bush camp?

    I strongly doubt that even Merlin could save New New Labour. A charlatan like Blair stands no chance.
  6. No, and he's making untold millions on the lecture circuit and faffing around in the Middle East. If ever he does consider a comeback it'll be after NL self-destructs and the Tories have had a decent chance - eight years, say - to drop a few clangers themselves. He wouldn't yet be 65, and there'd be more than enough fools around to hail him as one the world's senior statesmen, so don't write him off altogether. Oh, the horror!
  7. The most telling part of the article!

    For the poll, ComRes interviewed 1,013 British adults on 3-4 September. Data was weighted by past vote recall. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Full tables can be viewed at

    edited for pump spelling
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm inclined to agree meself.

    Only Bliar coming back could truly finish what he started, and what Broon has so ably continued. This being the saving of Great Britain through the total wiping out of ZANU NL.

    Bring him back I say!
  9. Has anyone ever voted labour here?

    I have yet to meet anyone who has openly admitted to voting labour...same was as I have not yet anyone who has openly admitted to voting Ken Livingstone.
  10. Tony Blair and Labour is the reason i joined the BNP
  11. All together now "things can only get better......" oh this got on nerves at the time it should now be played back to them 24/7.

  12. I have voted Labour in the past. Prior to that I tended to vote Conservative up till they started to act so badly under Major. I did not vote in the last election as I could find no political party that touted policies that I liked.

    Next election it will be Conservative again, not because I now have confidence in them. I just see no other way of booting this mob out. I do believe I am more disgusted with them than I was with the tories back in the lat 90's.

    I doubt if anyone could save Labour single handed, they need an entire new front bench that has a grasp of their departments and in-touch with the public while doing what is in the best interests of the UK. Who have they got?
  13. No I suspect it was your dislike of the darkies that caused you to join the BNP.

    All together now: "We're not racist, but..."
  14. I think you have more chance of getting people to admit child molestation (smudge67 springs to mind) than voting for labour, even Sven was a lib dem.