Only an officer would.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bomb-int, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Ok, new game -

    Only an officer would .... be the only person in camp with a 1985 VW camper and not be a suspeced of using drugs.

    Ok, i have started the game; now crack on lads/lasses.

    you have to start with Only an officer would

    this is an easy but funny game (just thought of it) :D
  2. Only an officer would.....

    have an ND with a Browning pistol when attempting to strip it while still loaded then, wait for it, have a second ND about 20 seconds later when he pulled the trigger again wondering why it had gone bang the first time. :judge:
  3. Only and officer would,

    Tell you to invent better games, this is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    bother to visit BonbInt's store?
  5. yes, we have now got off to a good start :)

    Only an officer would get away with damage to the mess and the whole matter being put down to "high spirits"
  6. and in the wrong forum
  7. Yer thanks for that; now fcuk off if your not going to play nice :)
  8. Only an officer would:

    Check wheel nut torques with his fingers (I was surprised he didn't check the tyre pressures by kicking them).

    Told me to remove the kit between the flatbed bulkhead and the container in case it spilled out whilst cornering (funny, I though it said Bedford on the front, not Ferrari).

    Unfortunately both of these idiots were engineering officers...

    I'm so inspired by them...
  9. Point out that to be an equerry or an ADC you have to be commissioned... oops
  10. Be discovered having a bath in the S-tank that was supplying the drinking water for 200 men
  11. Try to demo an M16 with the wrong type of detonator, resulting in it exploding in the ground;

    'Great fucking demo, sir'.

    Capt R.A. C*******, you are a cunt.
  12. Great marketing techniques!!!
  13. Only an (DE) officer would..................

    Wear scarlet brogues, pink moleskins and a tweed hacking jacket 8O
  14. Class never goes out of style, old boy! :D

    Now stop wearing brown shoes with a dark suit in town you oik!
  15. ..... Forget to put his kit in the vehicle when deploying on a 3 week exercise and then try and blame me for not packing the fecker when he realised that it was still in the boot of his car back in camp.

    Another time, turn up on the range to fire his APWT with the rest of the company and then realise that he hadn't collected his weapon from the armoury.