Only an ARRSE would post on Christmas Day!...

I can't believe I'm on here... does this make me an ARRSE?

It's not even 08.30.

Happy Christmas to all you other sad @£$$$@@@? who are on here right now... especially to those for whom circumstance means they can't have a propper life today.

(My excuse - I've got a limerick competition to finalise)

Regards,- C
Dont worry Balrick,you're not alone!!
I'm having a quiet few minutes to myself,Coffee.Black (with a whiskey shot! :twisted: ) & watching the news while miss spike has a lie in before the masses descend on us!!
Merry Crimbo!!!,


I've been up, taken the dog for 3 miles and I'm on my second coffee now and the kids are still bloody asleep.

When I was a kid, I'd have been up for hours by now.

Merry Krimbo everybody!
Nice one Spike. Didn't think about the Whisky shot - but have now! Merry Christmas to everybody and if you are somewhere sh1tty - thanks for all of your hard work on behlf of me and many people like me. Been there, seen it and done it but that doesn't make it less sh1tty for you and your families.
Off to work in a couple of hours, so thought I'd check in and see who won the limerick comp.......

well I'll use that as an excuse fro getting my daily fix

Merry Christmas to one and all



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Rackcatchplunger said:
Just a bit of a respite, before I set off to see all the 6 grandkids!

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Do I really have to sit in that Wendy House :)
Yes!!!! :crying:

But don't try and tell us you don't enjoy it :santa:
Been up since 6. Opened all Pressies last night as is the Norwegian tradition. Little Man got the worlds supply of toys. Hes now playing with a roll of drawing paper and some pliers. His new toys remain untouched in the corner.

:evil: SK

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