Only a matter of time before it happens here

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Int Indicates, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Probably not, but nobody in the UK want's to so it's a dead topic really.

    edited to add.

    Though I do see the irony of me posting on a dead topic though. :oops:
  2. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Its not a dead topic but an emerging one. I do appreciate that Int Indicates is being deliberately inflammatory but there is a point to what he says. At the moment there are strikes and protests over much of France and for much the same reasons the protests in UK are prevalent. This may be so much chip wrapping in the ext couple of weeks and I do hope that it doesnt go pear shaped but I feel its too early to say its a dead topic.
  3. I don't think it's a dead topic. There have been protests recently all over the country about employing Italian and Polish nationals on a construction project in Lincolnshire. Slightly off the thread, I know, but it did remind me of the Winter of Discontent. I think there's going to be more protets, over other points of dispute.

    I also agree with the idea that the banks are getting bailed out but the people in the street get nothing. The banks are quick enough o charge us for minor misdemeanors (sp?) but they've soon taken our money
  4. sorry, "protests" ! Last line 1st para
  5. The Part in the Middle gets me " The US military sees the modern city as the battleground of the 21st century "

    I thought most US inner cities already were. ;)
    it will be interesting to see how this develops though. As already mentioned about the unrest at various UK refineries are we begining to see the start of the downward slope to the isolationist UK or just a tightening of the immigration rules where a non UK national may only be offerd a job if no other suitably qualified person comes forward.
  6. I've always thought that the reason our country/rights/privacy/freedom has slowly eroded over the last few years is simply because no-one wants to rock the boat in this country as we basically have it so good! We like to have a moan about stuff but no-one (myself included) is willing to put anything on the line to defend ourselves.
  7. Depressing, but accurate. :evil:
  8. If you really think for one second that the plasma TV generation is going to tamely front up for another Jarrow hunger march then you've got rocks in your head.

    A few more months like the last one and I expect to see the biggest upheaval in British society since Charles I lost his throne by a short head.

    Afghanistan! The front line is going to be at Aldershot . . .
  9. BUT, I think you'll find,historicaly, we take it on the chin. Then when it gets to much we explode.
  10. I think it could definitely happen. Would anyone on Arrse assert that there are no politicians or bankers who are fearing for their necks in more ways than one; and that no politician or banker has had difficulty sleeping of late? Climate change has been very kind the political and financial elites over the past couple of days.

    The subject is certainly a pertinent, important, complex and fascinating one. Obviously, it's also one that should be tackled sensitively, particularly on a site such as Arrse. Not only could the wrong words wreck careers, but sedition is a vague law. It's not difficult to see how the charge of sedition could be applied to many acts -- physical acts and acts of communication. I don't think they've banned theoretical discussion yet, though.

    Recently, I've been taken aback by the sheer amount of illegal comments on the internet. From the Guardian to the Telegraph, to the Times to the Daily Mail [the list goes on], comments boards have been filled with angry statements, with calls ranging from insurrection to incitement to murder [of the bankers and the politicians]. And yet there have been, to the best of my knowledge, no prosecutions. For the state, the avoidance of martyrs is currently a fundamental objective. The elite are fighting to save their necks.

    The argument that the British no longer have what it takes to rebel is fallacious. If social and economic conditions deteriorate rapidly and deeply enough, then the chances of insurrection are high. If people become hungry then they will fight. Furthermore, segments of society exist that are prone to violence -- as can be witnessed upon walking through typical towns and cities around the country on a Friday or Saturday night. Also, how one defines Britishness must be determined. The term is no longer limited to white Europeans; with many immigrant cultures having also shown the ability to be violent.

    The question is not can or will the masses revolt. The question is, what is the probability that the masses will revolt? And to what extent would they revolt, and which groups of society would be involved in conflict, and against whom? And, furthermore, what would the likely consequences of insurrection(s) be? Would insurrection produce a state response that would lead to a civilian bloodbath and totalitarianism? Would it lead to inter-ethnic conflict? Would it lead to a prolonged civil war and the balkanisation of Britain? Or, would it eventually lead to revolution [with revolution being defined as fundamental changes in the polity, the economy, and in society as a whole]? The outcome would be determined by several issues, which include:

    - Is there sufficient financial capital to quickly build a new political and economic system?
    - If there isn't sufficient capital, could a system be built successfully from a position of bankruptcy?
    - Is there a viable, widely comprehended, and widely accepted replacement for the current system?
    - Would different cultures find common ground?

    Personally I feel that insurrection would not be quick and smooth, and that it could involve the spilling of more blood than people imagine. I also feel that, as a society, we lack the ideological, pragmatic and technical notions necessary to ensure a positive transition to a more equitable and sensible system in the short- to medium-term. No wonder they've worked on dumbing us down.
  11. The warning signs are there and the current government are pushing us closer and closer to civil war. What has Europe done for us apart from increase unemployment, degrade our high British standards and permit illegal immigrants to flood our country?

    The EU is fine for third world countries such as Poland and Romania but for the British Empire to be brought to it's knees by rules which actively seek to destroy our economy is disgusting. The EU have admitted that their aims are to allow free trade for 'the EU' irrespective of the effect it has on the economy's of the member states.

    Our country is run by Brussels and not our elected Government. EU laws are degrading our country more and more each day and its costs the British tax payers millions of pounds per DAY to belong to the EU. It does nothing for us, offers nothing to our economy and simply lowers our standards in line with other EU countries rather than bring them up to our standards.

    One simply needs to review 'Jamie saves our bacon' to see the harm that the EU has done to our pig farming industry. Not just pigs, companies seek to import goods from EU countries who do not comply with our high standards who as such are able to produce for less. This takes business away from BRITISH businesses when their customers seek to purchase from the EU instead.

    When illegal immigrants who are IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY have more rights than British citizens this angers the population. When people come here illegally and the murder only to be sent home without punishment as it would be "against their human rights" this pushes the country one step closer to civil war.

    Civil war WILL follow when people simply have enough of the disgrace that we call Government.
  12. :? What is it that makes you imagine that our country was ever run by "our" elected government.
  13. Winter of discontent, anyone?

    Thing is, Britian is not the same as it use to be. The population is much more diverse now and most people don't give a flying fcuk about the union jack. Most foreigners don't, most immigrants don't and most of the younger generation doesn't either. There is a difference between 'Nationalist' and 'Patriotic'. Painting your face and turning England into a 3 syllable word is neither. That's just mong mentallity.

    At the mo, people aren't hungry enough. Our desire for flat screen TV's and a civvies inability to get out of bed means that it is prime hunting ground for foreign workers. This didn't matter last week, but now it does - the mob rules. When the people are cold, wet, skint and hungry enough then expect the fireworks.

    The problem is that they don't know what they want, they don't know who should lead, they don't know how - more like rioting sheep than anything else!
  14. Good Evening Guys and Guyesses, Sadly I think the ones who think it could happen here are right. I work in the Civil Service in a Governmet building in UK. Last year the police spent a week practising crowd control , eviction procedures and also casualty evacuation from this building. (Yeah I know the one about the important thing is not to be one!) I am not talking about your friendly neighbourhood bobby but booted and spurred and loaded for bear type! Couiple this with the enormous amount of surveillance to which we in this country are subjected coupled to Vehicle License Plate recognition software and face recognition technology and you have some idea of where this is all leading! Even local councils (and yes, most are the scum of the earth!) are using covert surveillance technology and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to snoop on ordinary people. (Thats us guys!) Yes, sadly it is not WILL but WHEN! (Seen the telly tonight?)
    73 de Whitewolf