Only 9 weeks to xmas. What shall we send them?

Not sure if this has been done yet.

With so few weeks left to Christmas and even fewer days to ensure an Xmas Box would get to theatre..Any ideas on what we should send them?



I decided to ignore the poll and just start another thread instead
it's OK..CPUNK/Davros will do the deed...soon...i hope
Just don't send me to the "Stalker" :twisted:
I think if you asked, there would be no shortage of donations.
If it's loo rolls it definitely won't be enough!

Come to think of it Scorpys right. Might need a corimec for that weight of transport!
Guys, guys, c'mon, we can't do this. He has only just got married!

OK, Pass me another bog roll.........
Just a small request. Well more of a plea really. If someone send me a box, please don't send me CR.

Thank you
There is a 2KG weight limit. It would have to be your wiener which should weigh a couple of grams

ahh.. the ol' "mine is bigger than yours" routine

as you said somewhere...."BOlloX"
G2LB was still at school then :D
AF1771 said:
G2LB was still at school then :D
Yes, I was! Sweet Mankind how old are you?

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