Only 44% Now Believe In God

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. Is this why the country is turning in to a dumping ground for religious fanatics? Its all prime meat for the Abu Hamza's out there - apparently we are all infadels. OOOhhhhh check you!

    "People who believe God exists are now a minority in Britain, a survey claimed yesterday.

    According to a poll by YouGov, just 44 per cent believe in God compared to 77 per cent in 1968.

    A majority - 81 per cent - also believe the country is becoming more secular, with fewer people going to places of worship.

    But among this percentage, 68 per cent of believers and 14 per cent of non-believers, regretted that society was becoming less religious.

    Only a third of the 1,981 people who took part in the online survey believe in heaven and even fewer believe in the devil. Just a quarter think hell exists. Fewer than half, 43 per cent, believed their souls would outlast their bodily life.

    Young people especially are significantly less religious than older generations, with more than a third saying they were agnostics or atheists.

    Among middle-aged people and the elderly, the figure is far smaller, according to YouGov."

  2. The only problem with this that I am concerned about is its potential effect on behaviour. A purely secular scheme of ethics exists, of course, and has the advantage of being based on rational thinking.

    But how many people will lose the only moral scheme they ever had if they lose their belief in God?
  3. Not being a religious nut my self, I also wonder how this lack of belief could effect the moral fibre of the country. My personal view is that religion - using a blanket term not to discriminate - is a control method. All other moral values that are taught to children are based on this foundation. If there is no foundation it makes it harder for youngster to create their own understanding.

    May be it is a new era that we are on the cusp of - one where we turn towards technology as the new saviour of the human race and the media teaches our children their values.

    Either way, some would say that either religion or technology will be the destruction of the human race. My view is that we are all animals with animal instincts - kill and devour the weak. If anyone is interested there is a book published called 'straw dogs' - not like the film. Its very good.

    If my views are correct, maybe there is a new slant on the 'War on Terrorism'? As stated, these are only my ramblings and am open to arguement or praise...... :lol:
  4. Are you suggesting that in the past when more people believed in a god that society was somehow more moral? morals and ethics are driven by society and not religion. The golden age of the past does not, and never did exist. Bleak I know, but unfortunatley true.
  5. The whole issue is bleak. Hasnt society always been influenced by a form of 'religious' control? Cave paintings show that the Neanderthal looked to the sun as a influencing figure and gave praise and revered the day light. Pagens gave offerings to the mother earth in the days before Christianity. The Romans looked at the cosmos as being a guide. Lets not forget that our country was shaped by religion by past Kings and Queens. In all instancies people that went against the general beliefs at the time (and place) were frowned upon, even put to death.

    I put forward that religion has always been there, not necesarily in the form that we see today, Christianity, Islam, Budhists, Jedi's and it molds society around it. May be the cusp we in the Western World are on is in fact that society is evolving away from religious control.
  6. Funkynew blood all due respect ie none you are talking out your bottom
    society dosent exsist only indviduials .religion is a control mechanism
    thats all
  7. Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses, and yes I aggree that there has been some form of religious control in the past, but your question was about the moral and ethical aspects of society, so what aspects of morals are you talking about here? crime? as big in the past as it is today
    Sexual morality? I hope not its only in the 1800's that an idea of sexual morality evolved anyway.

    how has religion affected our moral and ethical outlook at all?
  8. just a bit disapointed that 44% of this country have still got an imaginary friend.

    bit worrying really.
  9. The Frankfurt School (Theodor Adorno et al) formulated the idea of 'the reification if the other' - turning everyone (socially, racially etc) not like yourself (the other) into a thing (Latin rei). It doesn't matter whether this is religiously led (its effectively the same so far as Marx and TechTechTech are concerned). Once the people who are different are no longer 'human' but 'things' you can do as you wish with them. Define the 'different' Juden as vermin and untermensch and exterminate them in an otherwise civilised environment. Define the 'different' Muslims as terrorists and lock them up without trial or access to legal advice on an island in the Atlantic...

    In reality the vast majority of those who have expressed religious belief throughout history have only done so as a result of their ignorance of the facts about which they speak. Which is a neat little argument actually since anyone who queries it obviously falls into the minority who have taken time to think about it! The survey probably reflects the fact that religious observance is no longer a social requirement in the UK and that education now suggests the questioning of previous givens. No change - just more awareness and honesty?
  10. Personally i do think that the decrease in those who practice a faith (in britain at least) has something to do with the rapid decrease in the morals of the population as a whole.

    Whilst i dont follow any religion, i do praise christianity (amongst others succh as budishm and hinduism) for teaching good basic morality to the followers. Just think of the basic moral code of christianity. Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you, Help others who are in need of help, Forgiveness etc etc.

    These i believe are how we should live our lives (trying to help each other), but i dont see the need for these things to be taught at church. They SHOULD be taught in the home and at school, but unfortunately in our PC country, they are not.

    This will be the downfall of society

    #Agent smith puts on his "depressed at state of society" hat#
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I do.....and I'm glad to say He guided me away from the Land of Shredded Wheat into sunlit Hampshire've obviously been mired in iniquity too long mate! :lol:

  12. Has anyone here ever read Huxleys Brave New World? Here is an extract of a fantastic analysis on religion, I used it in my degree paper and it offers up some interesting thoughts

  13. If as Marx was right and religion is the opiate of the masses it is also an easy target for the intellectual elite - we are the bright ones who need no God - and those of LMF. Personally most people I know who are religious are decent people who believe in trying to be nice to each other, seems to be the basics of most religions?

    Next we will be told that religion causes wars, so nothing to do with the people using it then?