only 30 on the May TA RMAS Cse

Discussion in 'Officers' started by evilone, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. What is going on!!!!

    How the hell has it all got soooo bad that the grown ups, have not noticed the lack of numbers passing out of RMAS.

    Past 2 courses below 30 pax ummm!!
  2. They have, why do you think all this DEPO stuff is going on. Which, I note is the route by which you joined us.

    And they may be small courses but 100% of the previous and a very high percentage of this one is made up of OCdts who intend going on to a TA Commission rather than the so-called "full" courses of previous years where UOTC OCdts used it as a taster for the Regular Course.

    Evilone, get off arrse, get off your ar se and get out there and recruit some more. If the 3 TACCs planned for 2006 are short of OCdts from your Bde area, it is Officers at your level who will need to explain what they were doing (or not doing) in support.

    Note to mods and anyone else. Evilone posts here with charactersitic diplomacy and forethought but his point is worth addressing rather than deleting and I am happy to record that he has done more for Officer Recruitment in his Bde Area than just about any other junior officer I know.
  3. Ah I see the teeth have been put to good use again abacus!!!

    This was not aimed at your end of the market as I have an intamate knowledge of the DEPO system. If I recall on my last visit to that side of the border (Glasgow/Edinburger) that is all seems to be going swimmingly. Scotland seems top have more that matched the criteria set down by the grwon ups.
    This was aimed at the Otc world as the May/July courses should be full of all of the Otc superstars!!

    The Depo system is working but does not seem to be getting the support it should from our Otc counterparts.

    I am never on my ARRSE to busy for that sitting down stuff!!
  4. ^Judging by the fact that the Regular RMAS Courses are oversubscribed I would suggest that the UOTCs (I assume that's who you mean) are doing a fairly good job. Certainly, any UOTC OCdts who have joined DEPO Mod 3 training so far have been to a very high standard. And our first priority must always be to the Regular Army IMHO, indeed we are starting to have significant success in transferring DEPOs to Reg RMAS ourselves. For Yoony types who decide not to go Reg can I refer you to my earlier post - if they don't know anything about you, why should they join you? The ball is back in your court....
  5. Again a very valid point that Reg RMAS is fully subscribed, I would still challenge the sats until the black and white numbers could be seen. We do visit the local city Otc's and do offer help and advice if required. I still feel that the conversion from Otc to either Reg or Ta is not as good as everybody thinks.

    Short back hand drop to front of the net!
  6. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    evilone - UOTC - UNIVERSITY OTC.

    May = Exams therefore it's not realistic to expect big attendance from UOTCs in May - now July - I tend to agree...

  7. have you by any chance been in stirling uni of late eg about one to two months ago?
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    if that was aimed at me - no.
  9. or me - no

    Stirling Management Centre a favourite haunt but I think I would stick out like the proverbial if I went to the Students' Union.
  10. By the by. Does anyone know how the new TACC differs from the old one. My regt is sending our first Ocdt since last September this September, and it would be good to have decent int. Obviously being prepared as poss is important, but an outline of the course would be good. He's done mod 3 etc.
  11. If Mod 3 ran true to the Course Training Plan then he already knows what it's like. Specific detail is always going to vary from TACC to TACC as the Sandhurst Instructors will adapt timings, sequencing and - from time-to-time - focus to ensure that they are testing all OCdts properly.

    You may well find that your unit already has the int they require if they attended this month's Visitors' Day on the TACC.

    One major difference that all should hoist in - if you can't comfortably pass the BPFA at Green - DON'T GO! Reds WILL be RTUed immediately. Ambers will have a re-test but will probably fail anyway because no allowance will be made for the fact that they are weak.
  12. As a member of the training staff at an UOTC I suggest that it is not that we don't want to send people to do their TACC but merely with the extra obstacles placed in the way it takes longer for people to become qualified to go. Consequently by the time people are fully qualified and have completed all the pre-requisite training they are more interested in sorting out their civvy careers and to be fair I can't balme them, we have managed to get various students through all the training needed this year MTQ2 & 3 etc but it is difficult.
  13. I wouldn't be too sure on that phys side - it varies from course to course. On mine i think 4 fails was the max (though unsure whether amber or red fails)
  14. I think you should listen to abacus - RED will fail and be RTUd, AMBER will be retested and may/might pass the course - however, individual circumstances will be taken into account. As an aside it is a 'basic' assessment after all - and you expect it of your soldiers!

  15. On 3 t's weekend during the last TACC and we were told that one bod had got red and two amber. They were going to resit and if red again then binned and there was some discussion as what to do with amber. The standard for passing out of RMAS is that you MUST have passed with green. So it was looking like they were going home too. Anyone who was on the TACC able to update us??