Only 2 days of ammunition during the Cold War

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Agent-Oranje, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Say it isn't so fellas, say it isn't so!

    British defences were so perilously low during the Cold War that the RAF's ammunition would have lasted for only two days if the Soviets had decided to launch an attack, official files reveal today.

    The RAF's Phantom jets had enough firepower to defend the country for just two waves of attacks from Leonid Brezhnev's bombers.

    And if enemy planes had slipped through, air defence missile batteries protecting key strategic targets could have been fired only twice before they, too, ran out of ammunition.

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  2. Spent a lot of time over the last few years working with ex- Eastern Bloc people. I have no facts and figures to offer but their overall opinion seems to me , is that they were so disorganized they couldn't take on a pack of Brownies.
  3. Which newspaper do you scribble in Agent?
  4. I can recall back in the early 1980's, when the Warsaw Pact still existed, being in a class where we spent most of the term playing with NATA vs Pact numbers in the Lanchester Equations. The work was arduous with a slide rule and I remember a classmate (Bless him) teaching me how to set the equations up in a brand new product called Lotus 1.2.3. As I recall, the Pact always won and whatever changes we made in weapon unit values only affected the number of days NATO could hold out.
  5. Why so much? Half a day's worth would be all that was needed before someone lit up the bright lights over Europe.
  6. Best to say no more, Agent is listening.
  7. Maybe, if we are just counting stocks held by the RAF but i doubt that the rest of NATO would have been left out of it. Is that against all of Leonids air power? If thats the case there wouldnt be enough sky over the UK for them, and i'm sure firing anything into that would result in a few kills as any avioding action would cause quite a lot of mid airs. :lol:
  8. Like Trowel, I've had alot of dealings with ex-Pact operatives. It was especially interesting to hear what they had to say back in 92, when memories were still fresh. Disorganised, drunk, demoralised, disinterested...that's just the Ds!!! I'm not sure the buckets of sunshine would have been slung about within 2 days though.......only when the Pact was pushed backto somewhere like Prague or Dresden.
  9. Two days is a surprise when in the big picture most NATO troops life expectancy was measured in minutes rather than hours. Then they asked why we all drank in BAOR :salut:
  10. Manpower and hardware moritoriums in 1980, I remember,
    PS. there is a house somewhere near Herford that I paid for.
  11. Yep, we knew we were going to die, Just hold them up till the reinforcements arrived.
  12. Russian attack maths, 400 paras attack 1500 dug-in Argies at Goose Greeen and win. therefore 400 dug-in in BAOR = 1500 x 3 =4,500, Russians like a 10/1 attack ratio =45,000. not bad for 400 paras! I actually feel sorry for the 45,000 who were going to get their arse kicked.
  13. Agreed the whole thing was a farce on both sides from the early days to the end. Remember attending tewts, when you asked where this or that came from they would say you were being negative .The system only partially worked on Exercise everyone even then was committed to about 3 tasks .The other stock answer was that you will be reinforced by the TA.
    I remember a particular question being asked by someone what happens to the families ? The answer was they would be taken to channel ports and airfields for move to UK after you left for your defence area .What in? coaches, which coaches ? x ones, Are they not stretcher carrying vehicles earmarked to move casualties? Pause yes, So what happens to the families? well they would be moved as and when resoruces became available.As we were only abour 100 km from the border we were told that we would only have about x hours to get out of barracks and start tasks .
    One Snco said do you realy think guys are going to leave camp with their families in the house knowing that there is no transport for them? Well during the phase when we were facing them off there would be time to move the families .pause next question. Who delivers the mines ? X sqn RCT ,they are in NI yes they would come back ,when? and so it used to go on. Think the tactical Nuclear weapons would have been needed rather earlier in the fray. If its any consolation the other side were also in shit state from what i gather over the years .Those bloody Speznats were another worry always there bit like BMH Rinteln nurses :)
  14. Remember, we were NOT supposed to win, just lose slowly (Run the Batt into the ground).
  15. Weren´t they supposed to be extracted by train?