Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by amazing__lobster, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Welcome to OnLive

    Basically, it's like YouTube, but instead, it streams PC games.

    Has anybody tried this yet? I've used it a few times to play demos (can play most games for 30minutes without buying anything) and I'm pretty impressed as lag isn't too much of a problem, and apparently the service is going to improve (at the mo games are 720, but they're going to upgrade to 1080).


    Word of warning though - it doesn't work at all during peak hours with TalkTalk/CrapCrap.
  2. Uploaded onto my laptop but BT has an outage problem in the Glasgow area and connection speed have dropped to 2Mbps which is not even letting me let me get started on any games.They said that 2Mbps would be the lowest speed end to get the games running with no lag/decent framerate but it looks as if it may take alot more.
  3. I downloaded onlive the other day. Works great, and lag doesn't seem to be a problem. However, the graphics are shit for me - nowhere near 720p. How's it for you? gives my connection speed as 39 Mbps, so I doubt that's the issue.
  4. TalkTalk are aware of the issue and working on it, there is at least one thread on their forums about it. Some users have reported an improvement during peak periods over this weekend.
  5. The graphics were ok when I was able to connect on talktalk(Although Harry Monk's post gives me hope!), but the graphics seemed a little washed out - sorta like you were playing the game whilst wearing glasses smudged with Vaseline.

    Although I had a quick look at their forums when I first tried it, and lots of people were raving about their microconsole having no lag and the resolution being better. Not sure that I'd fork out on it yet, but I think it's something I'll def keep an eye on.
  6. That's exactly what I saw.

    As for the microconsole thing, you get one buckshee if you pre-order the batman game.