Online Wanking Problems!!

What a nightmare due to a housemove no broadband and for me no online wanking!!! My memory ain't as good as it used to be and it just isn't the same without my old friend Pornhub. This could last for some weeks and with the wife on nights I,m missing out on some prime time tissue action!!
Things are getting desperate and it's looking like the wife may have to get some attention this weekend.
bit of forethought needed you should have saved a few of your favorites to a disc .
et voila never without your favourite wanking material .
take to wandering around your new neighbourhood looking for gaps in curtains to peer through, there is nothing better than a free live show! This linky will take you to the perfect place for all your outfitting needs: Pedophile Beards - YouTube (I'm sure that they had arrsers in mind when they did this - they even sell crayons...)

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