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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Fotofrog, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. Hopefully this isnt breaking any forum rules. .!

    Just wondered if anyone had used CadetDirect to order anything before?

    Having a bit of trouble with them - ordered a jacket from them Thursday last week and apart from an email confirming my order I have had nothing back from them. Have left them a voicemail yesterday and sent an email but still not heard anything back.

    Just wanted to know if anyone on here had used them before and experienced any similar issues??

    Again apologies if im in breach of any rules against name and shame etc.

  2. Not used them, but I think they are a little pricey. So you ordered something on Thursday and you got an order confirmation. So what's the problem? Do you want them to contact you at every stage of the process on getting it to you?
  3. "Rip off Direct" price wise allegedly going by users on other forums.
  4. Cabana,

    Apologies I missed a couple of details... item was 24hr dispatch and I paid £7.50 postage for next day courier service according to my order confirmation ... Id like to think that id have got my UPS tracking number within a day of ordering at least...

    I found they werent too bad on price tbh with you but looks service-wise they arent too sharp..
  5. They've gone bankrupt it seems.
  6. As of when?
  7. I feel the pain I shelled out £600 on a part for my brum brum from a trader on flea bay what a twat I was had a letter last week twat has gone bust and the receivers are in sodding great pay pal do not want to know.
  8. Friday so I heard.
  9. Where did you hear that? Cant see anything on companys house or elsewhere?
  10. Swear an affidavit and post it to paypal that should sort it.
  11. It was on Facebook. A mate has been made redundant.
  12. I hope so the Frau is not best happy with me it's a case of told you so.
  13. Yeah get down to the solicitors Monday morning, many offer this service for free with legal aid.
  14. I ordered 1 thing from them and they were alright.

    If they have gone to the wall then it's a bit of a shame, might have a knock on impact for other kit stores.
  15. Yea bit of a shame as I'll be down £70