Online Scam....Beware

Apologies if this one has been done before.
Just spoken to a friend who couldn't work out what certain charges on her credit card statements were for. The charge of $49.95 was coming out each month to 'IP online supplies. Tel no: 800 930 9932' As soon as I put the number into Google loads came up about this number.The first page being this one
It would appear this is a scam running on ebay and other places.
If you send me $49.99 I can stop this scamster.

PM me for details.


Book Reviewer
FFS muppets. Why the hell do you pay some company for a book on 'how to sell succesfully on Ebay' anyway? For such a simple thing, you are leaving yourselves wide open if you pay some carpet-bagger to tell you how to do it. Maybe you deserve to be ripped off for being so thick.

Let me help you out for NOTHING:

Step 1: RTFM: Go online to the Ebay site and READ THE FCUKING MANUAL!!!

Step 2: Make sure you've got a nice picture or multiple pictures from different angles of your product, showing it to the best advantage. Make sure the pictures are digital (you can't upload stuff in picture frames).

Step 3: Find the best category to list your product in. For example, don't list a pram in the 'Garden' section.

Step 4: In the product title, describe the product using its proper name, not something like "Rather nice old telly". Start with the brand name, then the proper product name, maybe the model name. Keep it simple, but descriptive.

Step 4: In the product description itself, describe the dimensions, size, colour, features and ANY flaws in the product you are selling. DO NOT BULLSH!T!

Step 5: Fill out all necessary tick boxes, drop-down boxes or text boxes that will assist in describing the product accurately, such as whether it is new or used.

Step 6: Decide how you want the product displayed, such as if you would like it highlighted, whether you want loads of extra pictures, big pictures and so on. It all costs extra, so be aware of the associated costs.

Step 7: Decide how long you want the listing to be on Ebay before the auction closes. Too short and not enough people will see it, or they won't have time to ask questions, too long and people may find a cheaper one on Ebay and blow you out.

Step 8: Decide what your returns policy is. For example, if it's a car, is it bought as seen and must be viewed before placing bids, or are you confident that the jumper you are selling is great and won't need to come back. Will you allow people to try your product for a week and send it back if it not what they want; is there a charge for this?

Step 9: Complete the listing process and be ready to answer any questions that people may ask about your product.

Step 10: Be HONEST about your product. DO NOT BULLSH!T, because if people think they have been bamboozled or sold something that does not match the description, you will get a lousy vote on Ebay and everyone will be able to see the buyers negative comments.


Now, if you would kindly send m your credit card details, I promise not to take all your money, find out where you live, rob your house and do nasty things to your cat.
Halo ...tell her to just watch out for e mails from " e bay" asking for details of your account. NEVER EVER REPLY.

Read the instructions from e bay as to why you don't EVER pass on your account number or any other info. Get with the progamme for goodness sake.

Report 'Spoof' e mails. to e bay.

Get her onto her card company and dispute previous payments.

I regularly get "bills" for items supposedly bought ...the natural reaction is to follow the thread and dispute your details as a consequence...don't bite!!! Report to e bay.

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