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Woop woop. All hands on deck please. Someone is after one of our trees.


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On orders from above.

Op Silky PXR
All timings Zulu
Mid-afternoon 26 Nov 18 Faction LEECHES assaulted one of our territories.
Retain control of assaulted territory.
The Wall was filled automatically. During the enemy assault phase, they established a base on our wall and ejected our defenders. A hard core of their assault force were untouchable and remained on the wall throughout. However, our online defenders proceeded to eject those attackers who could be defeated.

During this time, Beavers overseas began returning home and joining the battle.

In the first hours, LEECHES built up a small lead until BEAVERS started to reinforce. LEECHES made a crucial mistake by allowing BEAVERS to retake the wall and wipe out the LEECHES gains.

About six hours in, control of the wall toggled back and forth. Low order LEECHES stayed out of the battle. BEAVERS went attritional by using minimum meds to get straight back on the wall and force LEECHES to expand enormous energy to keep them off the wall. Eventually LEECHES' greater strength told, BEAVERS' medical cooldown maxed out and the wall had to be ceded overnight. BEAVERS took respite to allow medical cooldown to cool down.

By morning, LEECHES had run up a significant lead. As BEAVERS returned, they achieved sufficient superiority on the wall to knock some 70-80,000 points (about a quarter of the total) from LEECHES' score. By mid-afternoon 27 Nov 18, LEECHES needed 8 excess bodies on the wall for the remainder of the war if they were going to win. At this point, any chance of a LEECHES victory could be seen to be slipping away.

LEECHES continued to try and achieve a majority on the wall, but dogged defending by BEAVERS prevented them getting anywhere near the required number that was growing with every hour they weren't achieving it.

Eventually mid-evening 27 Nov 18, LEECHES acknowledged that victory was beyond them and BEAVERS' illustrious leaders agreed to a ceasefire while a Non-Agression Pact was agreed.

Lessons Learned
  • Medical Cooldown is a vital asset. Since enemy factions don't give warnings of an assault, it is imperative that Medical Cooldown not be kept continuously at maximum.
  • Blood bags are a vital asset, giving quicker escape from hospital for less cooldown than using meds. This callsign probably used 30 blood bags. These will need to be refilled. Any Beaver who hasn't studied Biology to a level that allows them to fill their own. Blood bags can be stored with the faction, available for use by Beavers who cannot draw their own. It is recommended that each qualified Beaver aims to hold 100 filled bags petsonally, and aim to provide a similar number for the faction, though this may be difficult. A balance needs to be achieved between running up medical cooldown and filling bags. All meds including blood are available from the faction. If an individual is caught short during a war, it is to be expected that Beaver Command will authorise use of faction meds during wartime.
  • Revival. Faction revives are not to be carried out unless requested AND unless the revivee has maxed out on Medical Cooldown. So long as the revived can med himself (herself) out, it is his responsibility to med himself out, or to request a revive if absolutely necessary. Energy is almost as critical during defence as Cooldown and under no circumstances to be wasted on revives. The faction has cash. Better to buy revives from outside. Check the Non-Faction Revivers thread. Consider setting revive to all during wartime. Since the old faction wars are history, there is little mileage in turning revives off. This callsign acquired a new, cheap reviver during Op Silky. See forum.
  • Once again, a bunch of big boys came along and expected to steal our pocket money territory. Once again, they were sent packing.
Beavers rock!
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