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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by PrinceAlbert, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone else play Torn City? It's an online role play game where you can fight, build your own company, work for someone else, get marrried/divorced/married again, train, join a warring faction, race cars, take drugs, mug, kill, assasinate other players. You'll do crimes, get arrested, bust out of jail, gamble, buy big houses, travel the world and kill exotic animals.

    It's quite a slow game to start, and a bit strange once you 1st start playing, but once you get into it you're easily hooked.

    If anyone fancies having a go, try the link below (I'll get goodies for every person that joins and reaches level 10)

    I'll also see who joins, and will help you out where and when I can.

    TORN | Best text based game and multiplayer crime RPG online
  2. ARRSE used to have a strong presence on Travian. We could do the same on TC. We could start our own faction, and kick some arrse.

    Unlike Travian however, TC doesn't require you to get up at all times of the night to build/attack/defend etc.

    It's also free, and doesn't reset. You can donate if you want to, for a few extra goodies, but it's not necessary.
  3. Might look into it, but Travian took up far too much of my time and I started neglecting my priorities. AGAIN. Mind you, I was in the winning alliance in the last speed server.
  4. You A7X bastard, you ^^
  5. It's no way near as time consuming as Travian. You can log on whenever you like, and crack on. Actually, if you get hospitalised there's no point in logging on for a couple of hours sometimes. Unless you use medical items like morphine etc, but that will become apparent in the game.

    You also don't have to spend cash to buy Gold, like Travian (which you do if you want to remain competetive). TC is free.
  6. I'll give it a go.
  7. Excellent. Let me know when you've registered and I'll see if the link thingy has worked. I'm travelling on a jet plane (in the game) at the moment, so won't be able to check til I land (approx 60 mins I think?)
  8. I see a few people have joined. Good work!

    There is a wealth of info here: The #1 Resource for Torn City Updates, Help and Reference | TCBasic

    Worth reading some of it. Top tip, start low with the crimes! You'll end up in nick. I can see who has joined, and once I land I'll send you all some cash to help you get started.

    If I were you, I'd go to the news paper, and find a job 1st. You'll get daily stat increases and specials depending on what job you choose. I'd start off working for the companies that aren't privately owned. You'll progress quicker
  9. is the backpiece of gary glitter taking a shit?
  10. I will give it a go better not be as time consuming as travian
  11. It's not. You can pick it up, and put it down as often as you like.

    There's been a few people register, so feel free to post questions on here, and I'll try and help you guys out.
  12. Yes, please join. I might have a chance of winning a fight then...
  13. I'll have a look when i get home from work.
  14. ok worked my way through rank one Game rank: #2 Beginner
    seem to spend my time burning cd's now and i ran out of bullets

    Property: Shack [View others] Cost: $0
    Income: + $250 Upkeep: - $0
    Game rank: #2 Beginner Points: 0
    Life: 500 / 600 Age: 0
    Times jailed: 0 People busted: 0
    Criminal offences: 43 Marital status: Single
  15. The game does start quite slowly, as you're not good enough/earn enough for the big stuff yet, but stick with it.