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Nottingham Trent University is conducting research that aims to explore life after military. In particular personal relationships, wellbeing, individual use of local/national support services and satisfaction among ex-military personnel will be investigated.

We are seeking ex-military personnel who have left the Armed Forces within the last 24 months across the United Kingdom. Have you recently left and have 20 minutes to spare? If so, could you take the time to complete an online survey that examines how men and women cope with life in ‘civvy-street’ after leaving the forces?

The majority of people will make a satisfactory transition into civilian life. However, some find it difficult to cope with the challenges that this may bring. It is hoped this research will highlight areas where these people do not cope as well as others and enable preventative steps to be taken in the future.

Thank you

Leaving the military: Mapping support and challenges faced by ex-military personnel.

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