Online Regular Army App

Has anybody used the online regular army application form at armyjobs?

Just filled it out and sent it.

Experiences anyone?
I used it, and got a letter within a couple of weeks inviting me to my local ACIO. It makes it easier when filling in the official form, because all the info is already on the recruiters screen!
Oh ok, I thought they might have rang me up or something.

Fair enough.
I used it too...I got a call within a few days from my local careers office inviting me down for a reception.

How fast they reply might depend on how busy they are i suppose.
Guys, we did have a fault with the Online forms that led to a backlog. The team that deals with the application is now trying to clear that backlog but in the mean time it may be anything from 5 days to 2 weeks to get the rely back and the invite to the careers office.
It took me ages to get anything back so i went down to the ACIO in person and had a chat, guess what the next day the letter came lol. Ive just sent of my medical documents so hopefully everything is good. Fingers crossed

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