Online Petitions.

I see another one of these floating around, this time its about the Harrier.

Does anyone know if any of these online petitions have had any effect on anything they have protested?

I'm not knocking peoples' intents here, I'm just curious.
None of these petitions had any effect on the 'mong-brained' oaf Brown.

I predict, confidently, that none will have any effect on Cameron

or on his photographer;

or on his stylist;

or on his 'spinner-in-chief';

or on his chef;

or on his manicurist;

or on his pedicurist;

or on any of the dozens of 'special advisers' he has just signed on to my tax-bill.

I voted for this man Cameron: how can I, as a 69 year old, be so completely taken in? Cameron is clearly: Blair II - a vacuous twerp, with a better degree and with a far better wife.

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