Online Petitions to No10

Do Online Petitions make any difference?

  • Yes, of course they do. Petitions get things changed regularly.

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  • Don't be stupid. The government doesn't care what we think because we are just minions.

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  • I'm so apathetic that I can't even be bothered with petitions any more.

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There are thousands of these petitions, ranging from sensible to plain stupid and time wasters.

Has the Government taken any notice of any of these? Has a single one made No10 change policy or get something done, or is it all smoke and mirrors?

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Little things that can be delegated down a few levels and solved with £20k for a quick, media-boosting win - they can get through with the petition system.

Anything remotely "major" (I won't say important, because some of the smaller things can be important too) is ignored as they've almost certainly made their minds up already.
Name me one petition from the No10 site that has actually led to a change in policy?

Can't think of one.


The Headley Court/Grays Lane petition no doubt helped influence the Ashtead planning committe as they made reference to it.
Perhaps but in a small way only. I think the national press interest and daily harangue that the council got in the papers had far more influence in their eventual choice of doing the right thing.

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