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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by militarygirl123, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. okay so my army process went a bit different, i had my interviews before i sent my online medical off, i sent it off today witch is the (2/9/2013) where does it go from here? do i have to go to my gp? i've heard it gets sent to your doctor but im not sure of the process, how long will this take, the AFCO wont give me any proper Information except for 'please wait a few weeks' its bugging me because i sent my application of in MARCH and im still here waiting for dates
    any help would be great?
    thank you

    (job choice) female crewman gunner royal artillery:scratch::yawn::):)
  2. Hurry up and wait. You'll be contacted soon, if not, ring up and ask
  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    The AFCO can't give you any 'proper information' as you put it. If you have been interviwed then your application is back with the CSM and it is they who move the process forward. The advice the AFCO has given you is from their experience with the process so they are giving a 'guesstimate'. If you are concerned then ring your CSM.
  4. With a lot of applicants coming in for interview at present this is the norm...some have bypassed everything to interview stage so just doing their online medical forms...some needed more questions answered from their initial Eligibility questions.....its because 1 or maybe a few things you did on your OCED/OCMD flagged up further questions they need answering (was Further Information on the old system). Your CSM will of got your local Careers Office to do the interview and if successful to continue(like you sound you were) will now of sent the further information questions off to your GP. This now can take some time depending on how quickly or what the medical team have asked from your SUP REC says the Recruiters at the AC cant answer this really so speak to your CSM or if you have heard from the Med Admin team to them....maybe worth giving your GP a call and see if they have recieved anything from the Med team aswell.

  5. i dont know who my csm is, ive been put on to a different one everytime as my 'original' one was on leave, is it important i know who he/she is? or can i just phone them up and ask for a name and contact number?
  6. Phone the RRT on the 0845 number, they should have a look at your journal and give you an idea of whats going on and if required get a message to your CSM.........once you know your CSM easiest way of contacting them is by their email.