ARRSE Unreal Tournament 2003 server online at IP, password 'arrse'
Limited time only - come along and kick Good CO and Bad CO's sad little arrses!
Really going to show I am a dinasour now .......................

How the hell do i get there :?: :!: :!: :!:
Nope just UT 2003 ....
Oh dear, oh dear.
Far be it from me to judge, but aren't you a little old to be playing computer games? :lol:
Unless, of course, it's something as spankingly gorgeous as Operation Flashpoint! But Unreal Tourny? Pfff... You need to get yourself some Delta Force: Black Hawk Down going!
Better get a copy of UT then :(
Quick news update - Bad CO rocks!!!

Aged 32 1/4
Fine, so you're not that old!'re older than I am. So there! :p
Well no doubt about it - I'm the daddy of UT 2003. Anyone else fancy your chances then the ARRSE UT 2003 server will be up on Weds at 2000hrs. Password 'arrse'
Meet us online or contact me on msn -
Cool - bring it on....

IP to be posted at 1950 on here....
Right, that's fcking it.

I only play sudden strike or Enemy Territory, but I'll have to get UT 2003 now and show you how online mp games work.

BTW: Enemy Territory is better and is a FREE download from jolt, and it is definitely more suited to the people here. Why not get that sorted and get a server going for that too?
Right ARRSE server online again - it will be online for 1-2 hours max. GoodCO and BadCO both there....

IP .....
password arrse

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.....
I'm sorry to say that our server fell over as soon as we had more than two players - apologies to snakebite....
We are going to have another go with a different server at 2100 hrs! IP to follow!
A 1st person shoot 'em-up. It's a computer game where the only thing to do is to shoot (or "frag") the other players. Great fun when you've nothing else to do, as it requires absolutely no brain power. Unless you try and go for the, "Ah ha, I'm going to be well sneaky and stealthy" approach.
Right the server is back online!
Try IP .............
password - arrse

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