Online internet radio for ARRSErs - thoughts and volunteers

What do you think of an internet music station targetted at current/ex service personnel, much like our very own ARRSE?

What would you want to hear about?

To make it legit, license fees are about £450 a year you have enough rights to stream music to a constant 15 users for 8 hours a day with about 8 tracks an hour. Or if you double the users and halve the time you have an evening service - and that assumes that all the music needs a license, and you fill the shows with licensed music! Not all are required.

Server costs would be another £500 a year - but I'm willing to donate a server of my own for a while, as it's a monster with too much time on it's hands.

All told, I'm sure £80 a month could be raised in adverts and a donation pot to break even.

I've had a good experience with a previous online station, and if you have a good crowd of regulars, some of who join in the chat channel, it can be pretty good.

If you would be willing to spend some time volunteering as a presenter in these early days, drop me a PM. You can of course make a new account to send me a PM if you wish, as I'm a long time ARRSEr but I'm in disguise :D


msr said:
I thought that for a second, and nearly had a heart attack at the thought of the mod going modern on us!

I wouldn't package it as BFBS for vets, rather an alternative to BFBS, Garrisson radio etc which have to be cuddly and acceptable for families, yet still providing whatever services possible. But something perfectly acceptable for vets to tune in to in anycase!

I have some ideas of what content and small services could be included, some are short term some are long term, and depend on listener base. But it would start off small and simple.

Does anyone else see the potential here? What would you like to see (well hear :roll: ) going out on air?

Also, anyone with a decent internet connection, stack of music and a microphone could volunteer from thier own home to fill some slots.

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