Online Gaming Question

Does using xbox live count as downloading off the net? I ask because all of a sudden I've been getting close to my download limit (only 10gb) and the only thing that has changed is the kids have xbox live.

Yes, You might want to ask the kids what they have been downloading. Xbox is just a PC with a simple operating system. Film, Music , Porn ect can all accessed
Checkout Axeman the paranoid.

Of course online gameplay uses bandwidth, how would the game know where the enemy was if it wasn't being fed data??
Yeah, Xbox Live will eat up your bandwidth like a bitch - theres a reason why it may well cause your internet speed on your PC to run like molasses, or stop altogether.

And yes, someone might well be piggybacking onto your WiFi if you haven't secured it, which is a lot more common than I thought it would be. 7 unsecured ones in the area where my brother lives...

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