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Being one of those who like a bit of a flutter now and again I thought I'd post the link to the best online gambling site that I've found.


No, that's not my affiliate code on the end of it, but it does belong to a friend of mine. He, and I, have been using this betting site for some time and I can safely say that it's easily the best one I've ever used.

Although I think I must be doing something wrong, because he left Cyprus almost £2.5K up and I just about broke even. :cry:
I've been using that site for a fair while now - ideal when you're stuck in the arrse end of beyond and can't get to a bookies. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially the casino you can't beat a bit of blackjack to while away the wee small hours.
Cabbaged said:
especially the casino
Dunno about that, just been in having a go at the old roulette and HOW MANY ROULETTE TABLES DO YOU KNOW THAT COME UP BLACK SIX FCUKING TIMES IN A ROW??? (and yes my money was on red!) :cry:

Still the best gambling site I've seen yet though, unless anyone knows of a better one?


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