Online fraud, mere coincidence?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Filbert Fox, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Got new cashpoint/debit card from the bank on wednesday, first and only purchase made with it was to put credit on Mrs Foxs Paradigm card, spoke to girl, told her how much wanted and gave details to her.

    Next morning I get email from bank confirming that Id changed my account password at 0020hrs. no i hadnt! rang bank, they said that i probably hadnt spent £1300 at online Ernest Jones or £300 at online at 0130hrs either. I said no. Bank fraud dept sorts out return of cash etc.

    Mere coincidence that Id only used the card once and Im the victim of crime or is there someone dodgy working at Paradigm keeping customers bank card details and trying to rip them off?
  2. The goods fraudulently purchased were from girly sites.

    The person you spoke to at Paradigm was a girl.

    You only used the card once.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    I would get the Police, and / or your bank fraud dept involved in interviewing the girl you spoke to at Paradigm.
  3. What possible details did you give to a Sales girl that would allow here to access your account to the level of a password change?
  4. when you spend over a certain amount with my bank online it automatically takes you to the banks online password page, if youve 'forgotten' youre password as long as you have the 3 digit jobby off the back of the card (which I had to give to Paradigm girlie when I bought the credit) they will allow you to have a new password, online fraud has never been so easy!

    Bank fraud mob involved as are the police fraud people, the are waiting for Ernie and Boohoo to supply the delivery address given for the purchase, which incidently they apparently dont have to give! They can if they wish still allow the purchase of the goods as its the bank who stump up the refund!
  5. It's a good job you're totally familiar with girlie sites, I had never heard of them. Well done, clever girl!
  6. I got stitsched for 1300 GBP in oslo, got my card cloned apparently, bank just gave me back the money in 3 days

    Then had 8000 GBP taken out of my current account, just electronically moved!! Bank shrugged shoulders, paid me the money back in three days.

    Problem comes when they put enhanced security on your account, if you try and get on your internet banking from an unusual IP address they close it down. Have to attend highstreet branch with passport in hand to reset it, fecking gruelling process.

    Go so sick of it that had to change current accounts. which was a frcking arrse ache
  7. A friend worked in a call-centre where mobile phones and pens/paper were banned on pain of dismissal, because this exact thing was happening; the person you gave your details to, for a legitimate purchase, would note them down on a pad and then rack up what they could before the card got locked. It ended when enough irate people caused the call-centre to install a covert cctv system and they caught the individual with a pagefull of number sequences.

    The enterprising staff then switched to mobiles and photo'ed the screen in front of them. They got caught again, and the rules were stiffened up considerably.
  8. I contacted Ernest Jones, as told to do so by my banks fraud team, who replied quite quickly basically saying 'dont tell us, tell your bank its their problem'.

    Might have to have a call to Paradigm too, see if I get anywhere with them.

  9. Was it Ernest Jones in Darlo?

    I'd better have a very good birthday present young man.......

    Oh hang on,
  11. Google is indeed my friend.