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I'm looking for an online (therfore FREE) programme/website where I can do scale drawing (2D)

We're redoing our back garden and I'm wanting to plan it out TO SCALE in order to know what to order. UNfortunately the garden is a weird shape with odd angles which is why I need an online programme instead of pen and paper.

Any suggestions greatfully received


Can't you draw angles on a piece of paper? Are you speshul?

Have you considered using paper with squares already drawn on it?

What about MS Visio?


I googled but only found paint programmes or stuff which was pay-to-download. I don't have anything with which to measure the angles with - but once all right angles and other sides are filled in the other angles will be automatically calculated in an online thingummy. I'm a drawing dunce!
Whats wrong with MS Paint
If it's a one-off, it's probably best sticking with squared paper.

Run a string line along the centre of the length of the garden. From a defined end (such as the fence) mark the string at 1m intervals. Draw a line down the centre of your squared paper

At each mark, measure the offset (measure out at 90 degrees to the string) to the edge of your garden. Taking one square on the paper as being 1m long, transfer this measurement onto your paper. (if this isn't precise enough, use 2 or even 5 squares per metre)

Keep doing this until you have the boundary of your garden marked. Join the dots.

You can do the same to identify the location of any features you may have - greenhouse, pond, flower bed, shallow grave, etc.

If you want an electronic copy, scan your paper, insert it into a Word document, resize it to suit, then draw in the lines using the Draw utility. Also draw a line along 10 squares with short vertical lines at the end of each square. This will give the drawing a scale. When happy, delete the scanned image.

Having a drawing programme may produce a more professional output, but you'll still have to take the measurements on paper and transfer them into the programme. Scanning and (essentially) tracing will be a lot quicker than learning a new programme.

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