Online Dating WH0RE!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RFUK, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the NAAFI on in here, but I recently sent a message to some slapper on the 'net. Here's the reply I got...

    How can anyone refer to the people who are willing to, and far all too often do lay down their lives in service of this country. Does it enter their heads that without the Armed Forces, the country would simply not exist? People like this should be exported or killed.

    What p.sses me off most is that the only reference to the Army in my profile is part of a link to
  2. Wasn't on FaceBook was it?
  3. Yup. Do you know her?
  4. RFUK- You are TA arent you?

    Not TA slagging but why do you have to mention you have something to do with the forces?
  5. F@ck her.Hopefully,the next time some extremist decides he wants his virgins soon rather than latter,she will be trying to chat him up.
  6. Feckem, RFUK, lucky escape there mate. Any pics of her?, I would guess side pony tail, large hoop earrings, chewing cud with a B&H in one hand and a can of White Lightning in t'other.

    Happy hunting.
  7. Is she a fat Uni student? We ran into her earlier on today!
  8. Fair comment, but what difference does being a stab make to mentioning it? I've spent the last few years slogging around Iraq & Stan and you're suggesting that because I'm not a real soldier I should keep zip about it?

    However, if you read the first post...


    Edited for clarity.
  9. I didn't save her pictures but she didn't look like the stereotypical chav/hippy you'd expect to come out with such balls.

    Then again, she looked at least semi-literate in her pictures also...
  10. RF, i know the group. It doesn't promote being a member of the forces in any way. She's just an over-opinionated, under-educated idiot.

    :) Why are you using FB for dating and not R-L?*

  11. Stupid bitch - hate fuck her, then shit in her kettle.
  12. Tell me more :D
  13. Why don't you feckers just get a grip.

    A bird gives you a hard time using ammo you have obviously provided her with and bums you out

    You then come bleating on here trying to get the gang behind you and sounding off all righteous

    When I chased birds and they blew me out I realised they were obviously a lezzer and left it at that

    There are no laws against not liking soldiers, in the same way that there is no legislation against descrimination against Toms in the sexual arena

    Boring bandwagon outrage etc etc
  14. More boring than ranting about people ranting? :wink:
  15. Don't tell anyone you meet online that your serving.

    Not until you have some idea what you're dealing with.

    If a bunch of die for Allah Muslim nut nuts wanted to capture a squaddy and arrange an online decapitation it wouldn't be too hard to set up a honey trap....a few random digital photos of a pretty girl with her tits a few filthy emails....they could even get some bitch to have a conversation and txt messages with you on an untraceable mobile and arrange a meeting.

    The door opens and you get a faceful of pepper spray and a kick in the bollocks and wake up chained to a radiator facing a camera on a tripod.