Online Call of Duty Black Ops on Wii

Hello all,

I don't suppose anyone else plays this on the wii? Got it for xmas, just seeing if anyone wants to group up and have a bash slotting randoms online at some point.



Hi I got it for Christmas for the wii too so I might be up for this...I've not got a headset or ever played it online before but intend to get that stuff in the next week or so.

Finding the wii remote nunchuk combo a bit fiddly so thinking of investing in one of those plastic gun you have one and if so does it make playing any easier?
I haven't got a headset either. Getting one next week but do have the Zapper plastic gun mount thingy. It does make life easier and aiming is a lot more accurate.

Only down side is on the Zapper control mode its not customizable so you can't allocate the buttons to do different things depending on you preference but you soon get used to it.

Had a bash online and it seems ok. Be better with a group working together all on headsets.

I used to play BF2 on tri-service gamers an offshoot from arrse good bunch of guys and was always a laugh with plenty of banter and nothing too serious.

Hopefully get a few more people who play this!

I've got the Wii zapper, and it is a big help for CoD. Highly recommended!


Does anyone elses wii sound like it might be about to explode when you put Black Ops into it? mine makes whirring noises it doesn't do with any other game I it meant to do this?

Had a go at zombie killing mode just now...I suck at it!

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