Online butcher that may be of interest...

Over priced pretentious bollocks. Give something a flowery corn fed sort of a name and some idiot will buy it. Kings new clothes - go in any supermarket or market trade stall and you'd get the lot at least half price.....
35 quid for a chicken?! They are taking the mickey! They certainly won't be getting my custom for that sort of price!! (or for all their yankanisms on their website)
For that sort of dosh, I'd want fucking human flesh. Preferably thigh or arse cheek.
Dedicated breast man myself.

All for £20. Bargain!!!

4 field&flower gourmet beef burgers
4 free lamb burgers
6 free range farmhouse pork sausages
1 pack of free range dry cure back bacon
300g of minute steaks

How small would they be then?

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