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Hi mate I've done my application online and I'm guessing you've had a reply by now, just wondering if you've had an interview yet and if so how long after all your medical , screening tests etc did they contact you?
I applied for Regular Officer recruitment online and its been well over a month now. My question is if I should wait or go to the recruitment office and ask them what is happening with my application?
It did for me mate but youll nedd to get used to it. Im constantly badgering them for the next stage. No harm in popping in

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I submitted my application 5 weeks ago, received the medical declaration 1 week later which I (thought I) submitted the same day. Four weeks later and I hadn't heard anything so phoned them this morning and found that I'd only filled in the initial part of the declaration and there was a lot more questions left, was a bit confused since it didn't look like there was any further questions the first time around but at least my application might start moving again now.

I had been a little concerned about trying to phone the 0845 number after seeing many many comments on facebook from people never managing to get through but I got through straight away, perhaps because I phoned 2-3 mins before the lines are supposed to open :) Only issue I has was the person dealing with my application wasn't in work when I phoned but she phoned me back about 3 hours later and is phoning me again on Wednesday to check they've got my medical info and start progressing me to the next stage.

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You should get 2 links for the medical, the first contains about 9 questions and the second one about 150.
I received one link but got a different set of questions after I'd submitted the first set, which I why I thought it was complete albeit a bit short.

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