Hi there,

I just finished and sent my online apllication form. How long till I hear something? Will it be a letter or a phone call?


The online service will send you a letter saying go into your local AFCO/ACIO

Might as well have done that in the first place cut out the middle man


upyer_sonny said:
robja said:
lol so i just wasted 15 minutes
If it's time wasted then wtf are you doing here?

calm down i think all he ment that it was a waste of 15 mins doing it online when he could have just gone down the afco himself. maybe lay off the juice!


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robja said:
lol so i just wasted 15 minutes

I think you'll find the army will be wasting alot more of your time than 15 minutes :D make that 6-12 months of waiting around 8)
yeah..good point!...don't finish uni till May, so have a few months. Think i'll pop into one of the offices tommorow to try and get the ball rolling.

One of my mates has been waiting 6 months and dosn't have a selection date yet, hes thinking about marines but they keep telling him 'your first on the list'.