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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by darbs, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody shed any light on to the online application process for the TA? How long is it before you are contacted, is it normally by telephone, letter or email. What happens next??? any offerings to the above would be welcome, if its already been covered in a thread please point the way as i think my patients is wearing thin.

  2. My advice is.... physically walk into a TAC instead. None of the many reserve forces online forms (including RNR) I filled in have garnered any response, even after waiting 1 1/2 years...

    Or get a phone number, ask for a named person, then keep ringing till you get stuff through the post..
  3. My advice is ditch the online application, all you will get is some leaflets telling you how brill it is.

    Want to join the TA ? The simply rock up on a drill night, its normally either 7 or 8 pm on a Tuesday and talk to them. If you have an Army Careers Information Office near by then pop in there, they should have all the details of local units as we have an One Army Recruiting policy now

    Where in the world are you and what sort of thing strokes your goat ?
  4. ITs only been two weeks and its doing my head in. Called a TA office yesterday and was told we dont deal with the online apps, civvys do it! WTF
  5. Bloody channel islands, The one WITH OUT a TA center which maybe the reason i have not herd anything. Jersy has one but that would mean i would have to ferry it across each week plus hotel so i imagine it would cost a bit.
  6. Ha ha ha ha

    nice one.

    That'll blow the OAR process.
  7. Is that Sark? They might let you herd a cow, you can armour it up and everything, fend off the French :D
  8. HAHAHAHA FECKING HAHA, no its guernsey. To late for sark the french are already there.
  9. What's so suprising that the Civvies deal with it? Who did you expect? TA soldiers? Only part time old chap remember, they have jobs to go do. You'll find a lot of admin is done by Civil Servants of a variety or another
  10. Yer guess so.
  11. No T&S from Guernsey.

    You're sunk.
  12. I merely enquired one night about my eligibility (I carry two passports, and one isn't a commonwealth country) using the "real-time" chat-room style enquiry service (it's on the website). I gave no indication that I was in any way decided about joining at all.

    The next day I had in my email inbox an application form, security clearance questionnaire, and medical questionnaire.

    Two days later, without any further contact from me, I got a letter from the TA saying something like, "In response to your request to join the TA, we are happy to send you this CD-ROM and information booklet".

    Now, while not exactly being "hard sell" - I could have just not replied - I was surprised with the co-ordinated efficiency of the recruiting department. Especially given this is a (usually under-resourced) department of a publicly funded organisation. I work for the NHS, and know how slow things *can* go.

    That said, since I have joined the communication has dried up completely. Also, it's been over three months since my commissioning board and I am still waiting for an officer's number! If it was an operation in the NHS, I'd have had it by now and we all know it's a matter of typing a few keys on a keyboard.

    My experience - good communication on the way in, slick recruiting with timings to suit and good contacts; it all stalls after you're in. I guess "the chase" is over, and they've moved on to someone else.

  13. I don't know, I'm trying to become a DETAPO, and have been waiting for the MO to come back off holiday before they can process me. It's been a long holiday...
  14. I actually requested that infor a week or two ago and have heard nothing back, maybe they're on their summer holidays.

  15. Took about 5 weeks for the info to turn up from inputting details: admittedly it was the new 'One Army' brochure so they may have been waiting for them. The accompanying letter was a bit poor though - didn't mention local units and the map box said 'map not available'!

    Happily an arrser of this parish managed to send the DVD etc out in about ooh one day.. as well as the 'getting fit for the army' stuff as well.