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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by boney_m, Oct 28, 2003.

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  1. I've been working with an American Airforce lad over on Telic who has complete online access to his pay account and administration.

    He can set up and cancel alotments, check his pay statements and has access to an online help service should there be something wrong. On the administration side, he receives his posting orders, advice on career prospects, leave balance etc.

    Is it just me who thinks this is a bloody good idea? And anyone know if we have plans for anything like this for our pay system? Just wondering if anyone had heard if Glasgow was planning on leaping into the 21st century!!

  2. Never mind the 21st-they need to crawl into the 20 century culture of customer service and actually getting it right-can you imagine the chaos if we could all access our pay and see how badky firked up it really was.
  3. Sounds like a great idea - it will obviously never work in our Army. We haven't got the IT in the first place to do normal work never mind fire up the information superhighway and log onto !!

    If the highly trained AGC (SPS) can't sort out the Pay - who else can 8O
  4. HA HA HA, You are Fuc**ng joking the clowns in canny do anything right house in Glesga canny get it right now never mind with the help of mind blowing technoligy! I can just hear the cry " what on -line right call in the union we must try and keep our fuc*ups secret if we go on line they will all know, strike looming job losses nae chance!!!!!!!!!! :? 8O

    Once in 94 one of my signallers who "was" covering for a uncivil servant in the Comcen (She was away after dropping a sprog ) noticed that 75% of the time 75% of the workers sat on their arrsees and did nowt. For a joke he started listing the times they did not work. After a while the civis noticed. On asking what he was doing he said "The OC told me to do a time and work study". Nano seconds later calls from the trade union rep to the OC, Me and Arther Scargill. The siggy was out on his ear BUT we still had to provide cover.

  6. I do see what you all mean, if an online pay/admin system was put in the hands of Glasgow, it would undoubtedly be a complete balls up.

    If however, the system was contracted out (not to EDS for christs sake), correctly implemented and managed, with accountability and penalties in the right place for system cockups it could work. The current state of the pay system should be a big enough hint that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

    At the very least it would give me the opportunity to see a paystatement once in a four month deployment (yes, thats a gripe :evil: )!!

  7. The main word there is "accountability", Who is accountable when your pay goes tits up, who gets it in the neck, who is left out of pocket 99% of the time, The poor sod who picks up the problem i.e you the Jock, Spr, Gnr etc.etc. Not once in 28 years have i seen or heard of any pay staff military or CS be brought to account for simple cock-ups this needs to be addressed. :?
  8. When the Joint Personal Administration System (JPAS) is introduced, there are plans afoot to allow soldiers greater access to their personal administration, for example soldiers will be able to change their own bank account details and amend their own emergency contact details amongst other things.
  9. Call me cynical :wink: but they said that Pay 2000 would sort things out for us - not made an incredible difference has it. The bottom line - if the system is fully tested prior to being brought into service then the only excuse for getting things wrong will be if someone enters the wrong data !

    In this case (individuals having access to their own account) if you get it wrong you only have yourself to blame - now thats what I call accountability !

    Does this mean that we could outsource some of the adminstration done by the RAO now !

    I am under the impression that isolated detachments have a kind of online RAO office right now - don't know how true it is :?:
  10. As with all these things in this day and age, the ultimate sanction might be to resort to legislation. I know we're not considered grown up enough to sign a contract (how would you draw that one up - 24hrs / day, 365 days / year would certainly blow the govt's minimum wage direction - we'd all be multi millionaires, or more likely, have to work proper hours). I like the bit about civ servants - but we should admire them - they're the ones who have got it right, we're the poor saps who have to fill in the gaps beecause we're cheap and don't have a contract. So let's lobby for getting ourselves employed as normal people - only then will we be able to sue the gits who screw the pay / allowances and cause financial chaos.

    I'm not holding my breath.....
  11. Call me an ol' cynic Freelance, but wasn't PUMA STAR etc going to sort out all our accommodation (savings anyone?) and BOWMAN going to see us well into the next century for all our comms needs (financial compromise anyone), but I just don't buy it. The services are littered with expensive software and harware projects which have simply not delivered. I hope you're right. But I reckon Comical Ali is more credible.
  12. B_M wrote,

    It's not always working though!. I am serving with a US Navy PO and he has been chasing up through the internet and the DSN .He is still waiting for his COLA( like our LOA).

    Still the Spams do seem to have their heads screwed on with some of the financial areas. They can all get a Military credit card for personal use. If you need to pay for anything on a course, tickets, fuel, MMA etc. Use the issued card. Then at the end of the month check against the statement. Any Non-military purchases are taken away at source. No more waiting weeks or months for a claim to come back.
  13. A good point. Get your complaint in writing (saying you want a formal response) to your OC/CO for him to top and tail and pass up the system. You must complain if there are problems with your pay and if you do not get satisfaction.