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Ongoing "Upcoming boxing"/on now BOXING THREAD

I'm always watching boxing and it seems boxing discussions are just tagged onto whatever thread comes up in the search engine.

Last weekend was an embarrassment of riches with two decent cards running concurrently

Tonight is this weird Ultimate Boxxer (sic) on spike TV. Boxers fighting repeatedly in one night for a 16k

Cock fighting, a gimmick, another way to market journeymen or a way for genuine boxers to get seen

First fights look like scrapper with workload winning
It's definitely entertaining :mrgreen: maybe not for the purist.

Chris Eubanks needs to work on his analysis :mrgreen:
I thought he did talk sense, re power and jab mind. His son needs to hear that more than anyone mind.
Ha ha, just made the dog jump and woke the lodger up shouting at that knock down, Tom young is a ******* animal :mrgreen: only his 7th fight the rest were white collar
Is that Kerry Kayes in Drew Brown's corner?
Bit of an enigmatic nutritionist/conditioner, Hatton credited him a lot with his fitness when in his prime.
I did call Brown but he can't punch and can't time. He's standing too frontal.
The format messes with styles, scrapers with energy do well until the run out of steam, rather than over 12 rounds it's over three fights. Good boxers need to survive the first fights to then shine as the scrapers run out of ideas and lucozade.

It's a shame good boxers who need to feel and read their way into a fight get overwhelmed with a scrapper pasting them in The early stages

Should be a cracker as both are desperate as fook to try, one last time to squeeze themselves into the money zone of the heavyweight decision.

Points wins aren't going to cut the mustard both need to send a spectacular message

No idea how it's gonna go, just gonna watch the first fight on you tube.

Not a haye fan and bellew is a scouser so I'm neutral and just want a battle to the death

Joyce and Campbell on the undercard

Triple G fighting over the water

I've no coherent opinions yet as I'm sober and haven't done any homework :mrgreen::mrgreen:


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How did Royal get on against USMC the other night? It was all over devon radio, but no where to watch or listen....
How did Royal get on against USMC the other night? It was all over devon radio, but no where to watch or listen....

No idea I tried to pull some strings to get to that but no fecking chance:mrgreen: no doubt some interesting fights
Haye was clearly injured going into the first fight (there's a vid on twitter of him hobbling down the ringwalk with his right heel pointed at a weird angle).

I can only assume his pub-brawler rounds 1-3 were a means to get Bellew out early as he knew his achilles was going to go imminently. Rounds 4+5 Haye settled back down, and comfortably won and tagged Bellew with a few that made him sit up and take note. Even after his achilles went in the 6 th it took Bellew several more rounds to dispatch a man that was almost literally fighting on one leg.

IF and IF Haye isn't injured, then I expect Haye to box him from the off and find a nice KO worthy shot within the first half of the fight.
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Joyce versus a human punch bag. Dropped him with a body shot in the first and just bludgeoned him down till he couldn’t get up.

I like Joyce’s style in the first round, low hands and stalking. Not sure he showed as much precision power or speed required for the big boys yet.

Alcohol status =sober

What’s with the ******* sombreros thing, someone needs shooting for making him sport that

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