Ongoing RIRA bomb threat?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. The Grundiad is reporting that the RIRA have smuggled a large bomb into the North. If true, is a wee bit scary...
    I was at the demonstration in Belfast today thinking that it made a rather tempting target.

  2. ooh-er missus!
  3. Bad news indeed. If they do set it off (which I hope doesn't happen), they really will have fücked themselves then. It's clear that folks have no mind at all to take a step backwards. They'll have the whole of the community against them, the murderous bästards.

  4. They don't seem to care. They've justified to themselves the direction they want to go and it seems little (other than getting caught or killed) will deter them.
  5. Well done with the march my friend. Though looking at the idea of bombing the march in PR terms, it would have been the death warrent of the RIRA. Evil: yes. Daft: No.
  6. Col Tim Collins is suggesting that the IRA, in it's many guises may some turn to fratricide.
    Seems some folk, guess who, have made a nice lifestyle for themselves out of the Peace dividend and don't want it ruinind.
  7. They are talking in the region of 300lbs (Omagh was approx 500 lbs).
  8. Shame the yellow card doesn't permit A-10 gun runs.
  9. How would the media know first...
  10. you mean before any official info/int press release?
    you know what some coppers are like when you wave a bit of folding infront of them.
    bet there were more then a couple who quickly and quietly slipped away to send a txt off as soon as the briefing was over.
    all trying to be first in to 'scoop' up a bit of a bonus.
  11. There is always one dick wad. One of those, who like 'folding' just got dead. Prick. Show some respect.

  12. Ah because thats the immediate first thought. Not that the press might have their fingers in pies or someone with a lose gob within the RIRA ranks looking for some "folded."

    Grade A - Class 1 - Pleb!!!

    Must dash. Need to txt one of many reporters I know and brief them that there is pleb with a short memory on the rumour service!

    To suggest any member of the security forces would do anything of the sort when this weeks score is 3 - 0 to the away team is insulting!!!
  13. fair one. your right, good call on me.

    but you know as well as i do my point is still true though. there are some who do.
    I didnt post it as a sweeping generalisation.
  14. Just re-watched the cira recruits. Hoodie chavs or wht?
  15. I noticed that the Guardian discussed the infiltration of the "South Armagh IRA" and named the agent who had infiltrated. To me that is a bit scarier than the fact that the media got the bomb information from someone. That could put a good man in danger. As to who leaked, my guess would be a politician trying to impress a journo with how important he is as he has the inside information.

    Of course I have a very low opinion of politicians of all sorts and varieties.