Ongoing riot in Tottenham

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizmo17, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. Seems to have kicked off in Tottenham cars a bus and house on fire.
  2. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, it seems they do not like the idea of their own killers being shot dead.
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  3. It's like a class of 1984 reunion.
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  4. So, justice is smashing up shops because your mate tried to shoot a policeman.

    I do not understand some people. Kill them all and let God deal with them.
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  5. my thoughts exactly any bets how long it takes the left to seize on this as a symptom of the condems. disafected youth etc etc.
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  6. The BBC news at 10pm said that the rioters were from the Broadwater Farm estate. Anyone else anticipating an 'interesting' response from the Met if they have to fight their way into that place....?
  7. Well it was a bunch of lefties that started it. BBC news: Vanessa Robinson who was protesting outside the station said it all started so peacefully.
    Question 1 what the **** have you to protest about?
    Question 2 don't you think it was a bad idea to encourage the crims to occupy their Saturday night by having a stand off with police at your lefty protest?
    Cheers Vanessa.
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  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    and after all the aggro over 'kettling' and the various ongoings, are you going to find officers, senior or otherwise, willing to stick their neck out when theyre going to get a hiding for it (either literally or metaphorically after the event?) go in too heavy, and you're abusing innocent peoples rights. too soft, and you're not tackling crime effectively. put a foot wrong and get hung out to dry by the media, abetted by your own bosses. this will be interesting.

    and as for the locals...idiots. if he was such a good boy, what was he doing with a gun??
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  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    a few roof top sangars will calm them down :)
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  10. I think it is fairly obvious that riots aren't 'about' their causes, it's just an excuse.

    London is just full of loads of pissed off young people because they failed at life and can't get a good job, who all enjoy letting off a bit of steam with a good old riot.

    Some guy getting shot by police is as good excuse as any to go and firebomb the police station, because they know the Met are spineless ***** who will let it go unanswered and just prosecute whichever policeman did his job and shot the ******. The Met need to grow the **** up, if people are throwing bottles and bricks at you, they lose all right to be treated like humans, so in my world the rozzers would earn in the right to kettle them for a week with the police on stag rotations, with members of the public affected by the trouble invited to come and hurl milk bottles of piss into the crowd.
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  11. These riots are not that serious by the looks of it. The coming days could be difficult, depending on if the man was murdered or not. We will have to wait for the IPCC to report back soon. Some reports suggest that he was on the floor when he was shot, or that the bullet in the radio is not the dead mans bullet.
  12. Have an illegal hand gun wave it about & get brassed up by armed response and people wonder why & protest ?. I should hope they brassed him up good drills & im 100% sure they stuck to there rules of engagement there for had good reason to slot the waste of space.
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  13. Looks like the met are on top of this now as opposed to about 11 when i first seen it where they were on the back foot.
  14. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    So a man on the floor can't shoot you? 'Some reports' also suggest that people are kidnapped by aliens and have stuff shoved up their bottoms. The difference is I don't believe them and I will reserve my judgement until the truth cones out.
    But hey you feel free to go ahead and speculate, having read a few of your other posts you seem to be establishing yourself a reputation. I will leave you to speculate on whether it's good or bad. No clues.
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  15. Armed bad man get shot dead, locals riot in protest.
    Let the place burn. Perhaps they'll be happy then.
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