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Any of you pay types know if any movement has been made for the 9000 or so army personnel who are not being paid correctly after Pay 2k?

The reason i ask is, i'm being under paid an increment every day, and am due a promotion. If i was being paid correctly, i would go to level 2 in my new rank (allowing for a 2.5 percent pay rise) but i've been informed by the pay people that this isnt possible, and i will go in at level 1. I saw the promotion as an opportunity to draw a line under the whole thing and sort it out once and for all. Why cant they put me on the correct increment level?

I'm begining to lose patience with the whole thing, not the fact that pay 2k was a balls up, but that there seems to be no definitive source of information, and no end date to it all. MOD seem to be ignoring the fact that the problem exists.

If anyone knows anything, please help me out.


I too have been underpaid by two increments since April 2002. This is due to a 'computer glitch' with P2K. Have been informed that this will be 'sorted' by May 2005, however, they also said that it would be sorted by April 2004 and April 2003 so i wont hold my breath. Ask your pay office for an update on P2K follow on package as they receive one monthly. In the meantime, you can receive an advance of pay.
I've been paid at the wrong level since Aug 2001 by at least one increment and cause the pay people could not work it out, they wont pay the difference over the table. It's a disgrace that they get away with it.
I was told it would be sorted in Apr 03,Mar 04, Nov 04, then Mar 05 and was recently informed that a cut off date of Mar 2006 has been set.
It's a computer software problem apparently and 9000 people are affected,
A computer is only as good as the operatop!!
I have to leap in and say that it isn't the operators. The Army pay staff in your units and in APC work extremely hard to make sure that soldiers get the pay they deserve.

The flaw lies in the original software and the way the P2K package was designed and the fault lies with EDS who are working equally hard to sort the problem out. The nature of the fault lies right in the very fundamentals of how they designed the system, though, so essentially rectifying it is requiring them to re-write the entire program, hence the long delay.

There really is no other way to address the problem. Please don't give your pay staff grief as they really can't do anything about it and they really do work to make sure you get the pay you're entitled to.

EDS working equally hard to sort it out? Having worked with them and with some of their products for over 5 years, i can say they are more than likely to be working hard to line their own pockets :wink:

I think the vast majority of us in this situation are fully aware that its not the pay staff's fault. Robbo278, if your being told that they cant pay the difference you are owed, your being fed a line. The MOD position on this is that its manageable at unit level and you should be paid over the table the money you are owed.

My major problem with it all is the lack of communication about the problem. Its left up to the individual to work out if they are owed money and not being paid correctly. There has been no direct communication with the individuals concerned to explain the situation, or to give an appology or an expected time line. I believe this isnt too much to ask.

EDS working equally hard to sort it out? Having worked with them and with some of their products for over 5 years, i can say they are more than likely to be working hard to line their own pockets
Yeah, fair point. That was probably an exaggeration. A good friend of mine works for them but he swears he had nothing to do with this problem...

I've written two letters of complaint, several letters to Glasgow and Worthy Down but the problem still stays the same. I fully understand that it is not the Pay staff problem and it is out of their hands, however it has been over 3 and a 1/2 years of pay discrepancies and they wont pay me the difference over the counter as they are not sure what I am owed.
I am a re-enlistee and have been told that my pay would be the lowest priority, Mar 2006 at the latest, by that time it will have been nearly 5 years.
The answer the Pay staff give me is"Think of the back pay"
Not good enough.
Chain of command time robbo, OC's interviews etc. The pay office can request your pay details from glasgow. They had to do that to work out what i was owed. I'm in the same position as you, I've been underpaid since Sept 01. I put my foot down earlier this year and was paid a grand over the counter.

Put your case to the chain of command and where necessary make sure some pressure is applied to get the sums done and your money in your pocket.

tried the chain of command bit, but still no joy. If I get promoted in the near future I will lose out on another 2 increments, deep joy. 2 letters of complaint under section 170, lots of faxes, letters and calls but no joy yet.
Been told of the Parlimentary Ombidsman who can ask questions direct, a friend of mine in the same predicament done this and his MP sorted out the problem.
Main problem being if I finish in 2006, will the problem be fixed by then.
I had a similar problem for nigh on 3 years where (at one point) I was being underpaid by 5 increments per day! I was being paid extra over the counter which partially made up for the mistake...

I tried everything from complaints through the chain of command to letter writing and everything in between. In the end the only solution came when I was posted to a unit where the pay office was staffed by civvies!

It worked for me but even then I got less of a windfall in back pay than I expected, and then when the paperwork concerning the correction came through, it was so complex and badly written that no-one can make sense of it - up to and including the RAO.

I still don't know whether I have had all the money, and now I have just stopped caring!
Top tip Robbo278, if you are getting NO JOY whatsoever from your pay staff - that means up to and including the FSA, who should have the background knowledge to sort it out for you in terms of an over the counter payment, then go directly to your Brigade HQ SPS branch via your OC, they will then put pressure on your Unit admin staff to sort it out.

Secondly due to the change in the pension scheme, every Unit who have personnel with a Pay 2000 problem were required to submit a return to their Bde/Div HQ for onward submission to higher authority, so that when you receive your letter of OTT(offer to transfer), then the comparison sums can be done accurately.

I WOULD URGE YOU and all personnel with Pay 2ooo problems to speak to their FSA/RAO to ensure that their names and correct pay rates have been pushed up the chain

Good luck

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