Ongoing pay issue - please advise

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by crescent, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Good evening.

    I am a TA soldier and have had a mind-numbing pay issue for almost a year with my unit.

    I haven't been paid for any of my basic training weekends or travel expenses - now this has gone on from 10/08. I have had endless assurances it is/will be all sorted, the RAO and RAWO have spoken to me several times promising me it IS sorted and I was told with abslute certainty by my PSI that I was on the payroll for this month but still, nothing.

    I am being paid correctly now but am still awating about £600 backpay/expenses.

    What I need to know please, is there anything I can do to put pressure on my unit legally? I feel I'm being treated like a **** and I just need something 'forceful' if at all possible. Were it a civvy job you have a letter from a solicitor and then ACAS etc if nothing else works.

    Also; is this right?: The three of us who went together for 1B weekends had to travel from Manchester to Donnington, two of us have 2 hour journeys prior to Manchester. We were originally told that beause of the travelling we can claim a full day as opposed to a alf days pay and were then told otherwise- what is correct?

    Is there also something (hard on the grapevine) about a extra £7 p/d or something for being away fro home that canbe claimed?

    An help would be much appreciated

    Many thanks
  2. Can't give you an answer on the allowances but you should go back and see the RAO and ask him/her to escalate this matter as it has been going on for so long. At the same time speak to the OC of your bit of the unit and raise the matter and ask them what you should do next. Any OC worth their salt will take this on. If they are not up to it then ask for an interview with the CO. Any CO would not be impressed that one of their soldiers was not getting paid and would want to kick arrse on the matter.
    As an aside £600 does not seem like much for a year of not being paid.
  3. Thanks for the advice, will certainly go in those directions.

    Just to address your comment; it's only back-pay for the 1B weekends and a few drill nights + transport. I've been paid correctly since 02/09

    EDIT: To say;my Platoon CO is a knob with a 3% attendance record :)
  4. By OC we mean the Officer Commanding your Company / Squadron ( i.e. a Major) and by CO we mean the Commanding Officer of your Battalion / Regiment etc ( i.e. a Lieutenant Colonel). If you're Platoon Commander can't / wont help then have a word with your platoon Sgt (or any other sympathetic Sgts.) They will be able to get you infront of your OC or have a word on your behalf. If that doesn't work then go for the CO's interview.

    With regards to the "Being away" money, I think you can claim some where in the region of £5 but I can't remember what the allowence is called. I think it's something with 'incidental' in the name. Ask any one from the AGC or any fat female NCO's, they'll know what it is.

    T C
  5. Small Claims Court
  6. Incidental Expenses. Paid when you are away from your normal location (with some other caveats). Fixed values of £5 per day in UK, £10 per day elsewhere. It's an HMRC set limit (known as PIE to the Revenoo), not a MOD one, which is why you have the oddity of a squaddie based in Germany and visiting another German unit being able to claim a tenner, but only £5 on a short course back in the UK.
  7. Is there anywhere in writing I can produce info about incident expenses?

    Thanks for the info guys, have written the letters and I'm looking into small claims court.

    Many thanks again
  8. JPAC (Joint Pay and Allowances Casework) should be able to assist somewhat in your issues, and calling them on a daily basis and saying "Where's my money" could eventually work. I share your pain. I'm owed SUPA from 4 and a 1/2 years ago and am still chasing. First 3 and a 1/2 down to being away on ops and accepting the Battery Clerk's "It'll be on next month's pay run" as gospel, but since then I've had to hound, complain and harrass a number of individuals to try and claim what's mine. Even when the correct forms and copies of payslips hit Glasgow, they still weren't capable of hitting the big red button marked PAY THE B*GGER inside 5 weeks, so yet another month sails by without what I'm owed.

    At every stage, if what people have said would be done has not been done ask to escalate the issue. I am now about to write to SO1 Debt management in Glasgow to highlight the failings in JPAC's "customer service" provision.

    Top tip; keep notes (times dates, who said what to you and when). Ask the clerical staff to explain very clearly what the process shouold be, confirm that you are entitled to this money and then explain the delay. 6 months worth of clerical errors is not acceptable. Once you have these facts, then chase through JPAC. Warn your Sqn/Bty/Coy clerk that this is what you are doing and why (be polite at all times, you'll be working with them for years). Ensure you keep them updated with what is said by JPAC (although they will receive a call from their agents anyway). Never sit and wait for anyone to do something for you, ask politely where your claim is each drill night, and log the response.

    JPAC Mil: 94560 3600

    JPAC Civ: 0141 224 3600

    I would advise against the small claims court at this stage until all other channels are exhausted.
  9. Agree with absolutely everything here - particularly the advice against going down the Small Claims Court route. That would be a bad idea and I don't think you would have money in your hand any quicker than if you follow the advice above.
  10. JSP 752 is available on Armynet under the "Reference Portal" bit. Chapter 3 para 0113 gives the rules; Chapter 1, Section 6, page 1-6-4 gives the rates.

    Hope this helps.