Ongar 10km update

Race completed only 300 runners managed 51 minutes outside target time, but heat was unreal!! Ran on airfield world war 2 disused, but no shade whatsoever on any part of the course!! Ronne o sullivan snooker player was there and apparantly is a good runner, well he whooped me he finished 15th, i was down in 81st i believe??? Thanks again to all, too b***** hot for running, scaley must be mad!!! Easy part done(joke!!!) not get the money together of the kind folk who sponsored me!
Is Ongar still there? last time I heard of it was when the Central Line used to run out there!!!
Ongar very much still there mate! Here is the link to the Ongar 10km results for anyone interested.

Again i thought there was about 300 runners, and ronnie did run but finished in 16th place, but he is quite a whippet! I ran under the Army AC as i am still a stab, but hardly attend anymore! Dissapointed with time but it was scorching with no bloody shade. And i did look with the rocket for an autograph but he is a bloody rocket as he shot off ! I ran with a babe from colchester wow what a a**** sorry better not upset any females!!

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