One year waiting and now no job!

Hello everyone.

My son is on week 9 of his phase 1 training at Lichfield. He first applied back in January 2004 when he pased the barb test with flying colours and was told he could have any job he liked!
He went to Lichfield in November and passed the recruit select but was told none of his 3 choices were available. He was handed a printout and could choose from Infantry, Combat Med or Operator Group. He was rather disapointed as he had been trying to get Ammunitions Tech or Avionics Tech. He was determined and had a word with his Careers advisor and said if he could go in as an Area Operator and not Radio Operator then he would go for it. He was assured that this would be fine. Having completed 9 weeks he had his interview today and was told there are no Area Operators jobs available, only Radio Operator. What a complete waste of a year of his life!

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