One year to join ATR/ADC Bassingbourn?!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moodymoddy, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Last week I went to the AFCO and spoke to the recruiter - and he said if I went for Junior Entry I would most likely be waiting a year, Until next march!

    This seemed to be ages to have to wait for a place. I'm just wondering if this is the norm? As I understand for the other JE training estabilishment, AFC(H) you could apply now and still get accepted into the September intake.

    [Unfortunately for me, The jobs I looked at didn't send anyone to AFC(H). They all went through ATR(B). Which is a shame, as ATR(B) doesn't look anywhere near as good as AFC(H) - No offence to those that work there! My reasoning for saying this is that theres more qualification options at Harrogate, and the course being 42 weeks also looks to be a plus.]
  2. How old are you? Also, what regt/ corps are you hoping to join?
  3. lofty did you just create a post with no sarcasm in it?
  4. Read some of my previous posts, I can be serious and helpful too sometimes you know.

    Did you just create a post with no numb questions?

    Rocky was right after all, everybody can change! ;)
  5. rocky for president?
  6. 15 and 8 months - So I'd finish education in June, and "be able to go in about August" according to the Recruiting sgt.

    Due to mess-ups with school [Really long story, People (Myself included) messed up] it really limits what I can do. I quite like the idea of going into either the Royal Engineers as a C3S, thats what was spoke about at the time when I was told that it would be "About March next year". [Although I have recently heard negative things about C3S, So I'm no longer certain - even though I am still quite interested.]
  7. took about 6 months for me to get to bassinbourn from first going to the army carrears office. And i start basic on the 16th of march.
  8. i went to bassingbourne i loved it i done the 21 week course junior entry that was back in 2002 and once your in your unit if you dont go to harrowgate (cant spell) you could always apply for education courses at your unit.
  9. If you are 15 years and 8 months at the moment, then officially the earliest you can leave school is June this year, which would make you eligible for AFC in September (so long as you are 16 years and 1 day on enlistment).

    However it may be that the recruiter is looking ahead at job forecasts for the particular job you want, i have seen people wanting RE jobs wait in excess of 9 months on a few occassions, purely because the vacancies are limited.

    So it could be that he is looking towards the January intakes for AFC and ADC (Winchester) to give you an idea when to aim off for.
  10. Well, I took my BARB test today - got a lovely 68. Apparently thats very good - but due to my mess ups with the education system, I was still limited.

    However, I had these jobs picked out;

    Combat Gunner - Gunner Radar Operator
    Combat Gunner - Artillery Command Systems
    Combat Medical Technician
    Military Engineer - C3 Systems

    The first 2 would earn me a place at Harrogate, and they also look VERY appealing. I love the look of them.

    On the other hand CMT would get me some really decent skills for when I disembark back to civvy street. Also, Its always handy to be able to patch people up!

    Then theres the old one I was looking at - C3 Systems. This looks quite appealing as it also allows me to try out for 33 EOD if I get a place in the Royal Engineers. [I'd love to be able to serve in a EOD unit.]
  11. Check out OPA instead of the RA Cmd Systems. You do RA Command Systems Level 1 in OPA Phase 2 training anyway at Larkhill.

    I did and well - It paid off. Heading to AFC for OPA.
  12. RE C3 Systems puts you on 'higher' pay band too because you will be a Combat Engineer first, that means a 10 week Combat Engineer course as well as driving and your communications training.

    Combat Medical Technician isnt going to give you any skills that you could transfer in the short term, certainly not if you only serve the minimun term of service, maybe after around 9 years though once you have reached class 1 and hit Sergeant ;)
  13. Im in a pretty similar position just add 4 years! i screwed up on the education side and ive been offerd C3s but not sure whether to head for it or take a differnt approach?
  14. 1 year is nothing... the first time i joined it took 18 months.

    My re-joining application took 2 months just to clear at glasgow and then a further 10 months of monging it in civvy street. let it piss you off as it did me, youll have more aggression to show come the time when your actually in training.