one year on

Well not sure where to put this......

Been on arrse one year now, what have I learned? Well you're daft buggers, learned a lot about sheds, cooking, dogs and ptsd. Sadly there have been alot of RIP messages. On the bright side I got my arrse challenge coin, met an arrser, had alot of laughs, played Mornington Crescent. So looking forward to the next year. KBO


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Mornington Crescent.

That reminds me..........
Track_Link said:
vvaannmmaann said:
Soon be time for your initiation ceremony.Have you bought the lube yet?
You get lube now?
Kids these days. Don't know they're born. When did we stop using a leather pad between the teeth?
fairy_nuff said:
thanks but no thanks you would have too much to live up to :twisted:
Who's interested in your score chart ? As long as the last memory I have of you is of the 'put put' sound of your car leaving my drive at 05:00 and a few of your wispy brittle hairs on the adjoining pillow I couldnt give a rats ass.

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