One-World Government ??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dogs_bollox, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. I'm not clever enough to know what to think about this but I'm sure there will be some here who can tell me if this is legit' or not ?

    I've always thougth that Govts don't run countries - industry does. That's been for at least 200 years. So do the banks - look at who was loaning money to the Nazis before and during WW2 ............. and maybe a family or two seem to have fingers in a lot of pies.

    Tis a strange world regardless and we are all Bolloxed in the end.

    D_B (Foil hat donned :D )
  2. Ay'yup! its coming matey, World Government that is, just around the corner, stick around till 2012, December time and watch what really happens, the end of the old order and in with the new, the End Times, as prophesied.

    I,ll be in the pub.

  3. Lord Monckton ıs quıte vocıferous and erudıte on thıs subject, and quıte persuasıve too. I have long suspected a polıtıcal motıve to thıs Global Warmıng busıness, just as ıt has been recently proven that there ıs a polıtıcal motıve behınd Global Immıgratıon.

    Basıcally, the only way to achıeve a One World Government ıs to:

    a. Create world problems for a World Government to solve (warmıng, pandemıcs, fınancıal crash, trade etc:)

    b. Weaken natıonal governments by force feedıng them wıth all kınds of cultures and creeds, to cause ınternal ınstabılıty and tensıons. (dıvıde and rule)

    Thıs ıs Lord Monkton's talk on the Glen Beck show. It ıs most ıllumınatıng.

    Watch ıt.

  4. Come on admit it, you think it is the Jews don't you? what with their Protocols, Illuminati and Bilderbergs...

    There's one born every minute...
  5. The so called leaders of this new world order have asked the prime minister if he can have a go at sorting out the pirating problem down in Somalia. In return they have promised him a position in the high council and a few extra million into his and his parties coffers.

  6. Why do these shady national leaders always agree with each other during these secret and sinister meetings and yet go to war with each other all the sodding time? Must be a bummer for the World Domination Plan.

    And just how much bloody time do they need to take over the world? They've been planning it for centuries.

    Stark raving bonkers.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm more interested to know how you manage to type all this sh!t without dotting your i's. Has someone stolen your globe?

  8. No. Its the Trotskı, Socıalıst Fabıans....


  9. Sorry - Arabıc keyboard. Bloody confusıng sometımes.

    And no Youtube or Rıchard Dawkıns allowed here - ıts subversıve and banned......

  10. Please don't tell Dan Brown.
  11. Too late

    You have mentioned it now

    Thats another book he is going to write