One weekend a month?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by flarkey, Jul 2, 2003.

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  1. In the finest Arrse tradition.........



    Hope my bandwith allocation doesnt go tits-up
  2. Unfortunately, these are SPAMs and consequently their spelling is slightly awry. ;D

    Agree with the intent, though !
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Speaking as a STAB in a very,very hot and dusty place - thode SPAMs have the right idea ;D

    Mind you, as I was told by the Boss, I'm "not TA anymore".  I still get paid more, though ;)
  4. I know - my sqn comd in Bos wasn't impressed when I eventually got my first pay statement in theatre which showed him I was being paid more than him (and that was just by the army, I didn't mention I was still being paid by my firm at home......)  ;D
  5. SOME units don't have the MTDs to 1 weekend a month.......... :-/
  6. Our Regt is now limiting all soldiers to a max 29 MTD's for now.

    Like to see how our sqn functions now
  7. this is on top of an e-mail sent out to our company's saying that we are not allowed to sleep in the drill hall.i live in leeds and my drill hall is in scunthorpe(yes,i know),which means a 120 mile round trip everyday,to gain a days pay.after they pay me m.m.r.,who will be better off.i already have over 40 days in and have another course to do in january,so i wll be expecting a letter saying dont bother coming in for a while.
  8. If you are enthusiastic about the the TA how can you keep it to that? I've done over 36 MTDs this year already, and I haven't been to all the weekends.
  9. 96 Days and counting this year... :wink:
  10. ludicrous.

    How on earth can the post rebalancing TA function remotely like the Reg Army wants it too when you are limited in this way. By the time you've done camp, remembrance day, and MATTs, you'll only have four weekends for the rest of the year.

  11. msr

    msr LE

    That post is 3 years old.

  12. :oops:
  13. seem's to be a recuring theme in the TA. No money left chap's... dont bother coming in :(

    there should never come a point when there are "no MTD's", it's not the fault of training major's/unit's... They provide excellent training (well most of the time :twisted: ). The budget in the first instance is simply inadequate for the needs of the TA in the current operational environment. The problem lies in the hands of accountants in whitehall...and us mere mortals can do nothing to sort out the little scrotes. :(

    it wont matter anyway...when JPA comes in TA wages will be a thing of the past... :roll:

    (short sighted RANT over)

    P.S. excuse FICK :lol:
  14. This has been an "issue " for years. The answer is to train away, ignoring the "MTD Shortfall" because sometime in Feb Bde will look at the position across the board, discover that some dug-away Medic or REME unit has a heap left and redistribute them. Whats the worst that can happen ? CO on the Bde Comds carpet ? Unlikely. Imagine the front page of the paper " Senior Officer Disciplined for training troops too well"

    Keep training. Sod the bean-counters.
  15. I used to work in above mentioned bean counter office. Come March it's all spend spend spend even though we've spent the whole year trying to ensure we stick to a ridiculously low set budget.

    Basically you have to lie right from the start about your requirements or you'll never get anywhere near what you need.

    Personally I dont think things like mil pay should be budgeted, I mean who can accurately predict when wars are going to happen and how many more soldiers were going to need to recruit to make up for the 1000's we made redundant years ago and hired us civvies to do the jobs.

    Maybe they'll start sending the civvies to war too? Thank God things is Lebanon have calmed down a bit, if we were going in on a third front we'd basically be down to 20 mtd's i reckon, and that includes MATTS!

    Give us more money!!