One week to Tough Guy, is this training ok for final push?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Daz_of_hudds, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone think this training schdule should prevent me from being killed (been training for a month or so now but still need to improve more) I work in an office in the day so hard to find the time

    Monday: Jog to gym, Gradient work on treadmill, 5 min biking warm-up,
    Tuesday: 4 mile run round local park, country setting
    Wednesday: 3 miles quick run (same route as above)
    Thursday: Gradient training + some interval work at Gym
    Friday: Leave work early and do 6 miles uphill normal weekend route
    Saturday: Rest day
    Sunday: Competition

    Eating lots of Carb's + Protien after workout, also taking Citrulline Malate w/ Beta Alanine

  2. Your routine should go something like this this week . . .

    Monday: Jog to gym, mince about near fit totty, go home, drink beer.
    Tuesday: 4 mile run round local park, go via offie and buy more beer.
    Wednesday: 3 miles quick run (same route as above) but extra beer
    Thursday: Gradient training + some interval work at Threshers/Odd-bins
    Friday: Leave work early and do an all night session in town
    Saturday: Rest day apart from a few sneaky bevvies.
    Sunday: Competition
    Monday: Show crap medal off to mates and do as above but miss out all the training sh1t.

    Unless you're going for a top 10 finish, just turn up and enjoy.
    Whatever you train for there's always some obstacle that'll kill you. So drink beer and die happy!
  3. I'd lay off quicker than that, 5days training to be recovered in 1?
  4. ok, how long would you recomend?

    Daz :?
  5. Before a fight i keep 3days pretty much completly clean, bar very light work. E.g. 5km run under little time pressure (25min?), 30min cycle with little resistance etc.
    Point being to keep the muscles active but completly in a state where they can recover without hindrance.

    Obviously that's me personally and for the sake of fighting but judging by the tough guy reputation your going to want to be at 100% on the day haha. P.s. Good luck, looks awesome.
  6. I did Tough Guy a few years ago in January, believe me the easy part is the 6 mile run before you hit that assault course and water, freezing cold was not the word!! I have never been so cold in my life, dont worry too much about overall fitness as you will spend most of your time queuing up to get over the obstacles, and huddling together with strangers to keep warm!

    The best bit for me........getting into the communual shower at the end and seeing one of the nicest arsses, dressed only in a thong, that I have ever seen*.

    *(yes it was female before anyone starts!!)
  7. I did tough guy in 2006-7 and i was still drunk from the night before, after the 6 miles running cross country i did not feel any better but the nice cold water sobered me up a treat.

    Did not feel to sorry for myself after a group of guys ran past me just wearing thongs, i thought it was cold but they must have thought it was really cold. Sadly no honey's decided to do the same.

    Driving back home was interesting with leg cramps.

    See anyone there this year, you will notice me running like a complete twat bumping into tree again.
  8. Haha way to prove me wrong, who wants to feel 100% when you could still be hammered.
  9. I did Tough Guy last year and I honestly didn't think it was that tough. Not me bigging myself up, just my opinion. However, as previously mentioned, if you want to get a really good time then you might need to work hard.
  10. Thanks for the replys, personal aim is to get under 3 hours. The run is going to be the worst part I think as yet am not the strongest of runners (hell of a lot better than I was) so as soon as thats over I'll be pumper to get through the course

    Daz 8O
  11. Best motivation ever :D
  12. Shame it has to be at the end. Watching a decent set of buns on the way around did it for me. However she was Plod and had the face of a thousand fights, of which she had lost all of them
  13. I didn't find the run too bad. The brain freeze going under the logs is a ****** though!
  14. Bloody understatement.

    I thought my head was going to explode!
  15. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Yup. Probably the worst part of the course for me.

    Done it twice so far, put my name down for it this year but it didn't come off - organisation eh! I think the temperature makes it a bit easier, both the ones i've done were chilly but not freezing.

    It is a strange feeling when you're done, watching the rest come in and thinking "yeah, did that, I'm a tough guy!" but then seeing a 50 year old bloke run past, in a mankini, in bare feet. Humbling.