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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mad Professor, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. 'It is not known how many of the babies were conceived in Afghanistan and how many in the UK'.

    None, perhaps? A media-manufactured non-story to fill the pages, maybe?
  2. It was the first news item I saw when I got back from work and was just curious.
  3. Since when can you get pregnant from blow jobs? Thats all that the loose tarts were dishing out when I was there anyway. My personal favourite was the one at a FOB "Somewhere in theatre" that would sell her blow jobs in an empty sangar of an evening. Anyone who recalls will remember that she'd wander around in a skin tight tan t-shirt all day, peddling her wares "secretly".

    I was gutted when I got back from patrol one day and she'd gone. I'd just saved up.

  4. Of course, being pregnant in Afghanistan and having sex in Afghanistan are not the same thing. It is quite possible, likely even, that conception actually took place elsewhere. Normal human gestation is 9 months, even the RAF can get you to theatre in slightly less time than that (more often than not).
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  5. I'd have been disappointed too. Since PayPal or Visa would have been unworkable, how much did she charge, payable in what medium? Cash, goods, barter? Glass beads and calico? Did she have a nickname, like 'The FOB Gob'?
  6. I believe the going rate is a slack handful of pogs.
  7. Doesn't seem like enough, somehow;
  8. I'm sure none of them actually got cheggers in theatre. Honest.

    How p1ssed off would you be I'd you ended up as a BCR for some slag that can't keep her drawers on.
  9. "depending on the rank and position of those involved." snigger snigger.

    It's nothing new though, and unless the MoD takes some crazy action it'll not stop either. (maybe no women in theatre, or all women to provide a sample for pregnancy testing before they go combined with compulsory contraceptive medication/implants etc even chemical castration for all on tour, only send really really ugly lezzers that make rearwords look attractive) anyway, it's utter non news. I wonder how many people in civi life who work together and go abroad for work end up conceiving?
  10. Pregnancy test 2 and 1 months before tour.

    Pregnancy after that, that results in backloading of said soldier = Colly and fcuk off.

    What would happen if I shot my self in the foot whilst having a w4nk?
  11. 2 x ND ?
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