One way rapidly to increase the skillset of RRV mortars

With apologies to anyone higher up the food chain than I....

As I understand it, the RRV are scaled for a six barrel platoon. This will be staffed by 37 plus one, a fair few ( half? ) of the 37 currently deployed and actually unaware that they are to become mortarmen when they get back. This assumes that they wont had their kit in on return from Ops, but lets not go there.

A regiment not a million miles from the Capital will soon have two companies joining the RRV and the Mortar platoon in one of these companies will be handing their kit over to one of the remaining companies. The current Mortar platoon will NOT be rebadging, and the idea of travelling to MK is a geographic non-starter.

So, the staff of an existing, and pretty highly trained Mortar platoon ( most of whom have been on at least one tour ) will be changing LSN an re-roling somehow. For an idea of the level of qualification level, three of the guys are qualified Alpha, five qualified Bravo, the CP is FCA qualified, etc: in fact, only one guy has yet to attend a course at Div.

Now, the current plan is to retrain a fair few Inf blokes as Mortars enabling a six barrel platoon. The current Londons Mortar platoon will be moving to the West End, in a non- Mortar role.

Would it be beyond the realms of possibiity to have three barrels at MK, three barrels at DS, which retains the high level of training of the Londons blokes so giving the RRV a section of mortars fit for role NOW, as opposed to maybe fit for role in 2-3 years assuming they actually embrace the world of the Mighty 81?

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p.s. Your being too logical, changing mortars to Inf pln means many will leave and same in the other pln.. Gets rid of a few senior ranks and allows ur current JNCO's to get promoted
But the RRV mortars will have untrained blokes taken on the books: we have highly trained blokes about to get the sack... seems logical to me that three barrels go to DS and are manned by the bulk of the current Londons mortars.


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Speak to your SSM, RSM and Trg Maj, in that order. Then write to 'Soldier' Magazine. Also be aware that the CGS's Briefing Team are doing the rounds at the moment and are focusing their efforts for this period on the TA. If you want to contribute and pose directions directly to His team, you can do so by registering for ArmyNET at, and posting in the relevant section of the forums.

Don't be put off by bureaucratic inertia and politics. The idea is good, it is sound, and it is has a firm basis both in terms of human capital retention and financial efficiency. If you can work out whether and how there is a firm basis for command efficiency as well, then with enough effort and enthusiasm you could well be onto a winner.

Tip: When selling ideas to senior officers, make them believe they came up with the idea by themselves. This is most easily done if you clearly and concisely describe the starting position, summarise the problem/inefficiencies, and lay out potential gains and savings of the solution before you describe the solution. That way the commander has already had the opportunity to digest the information and make his own assessment of how it fits within his bigger picture before he has even heard the proposal. If he sees that it fits (cost, time, structure, blah), he will have already made up his mind to go with it before you actually outline the proposal, and in his mind he has already made the decision before you made the proposal. Trust me: it works.
bb, as mentioned b4 your idea is logical but then again why wasn't this thought of in the first place?? What would be the political reason for moving the mortars, is it in the hope you'd transfer to the Londons Scots so u would stay mortars.

We were quite close to the 8 (Yorkshire) LI mortars when they disbanded and we started to change to Leeds Mortar Rifles, we got two new people (so that idea doesn't work)

Latest int is that the plan outlined above ( NOT mine to be honest ) is actually going to be implemented. The Jocks will get our barrels, we will get a "new" set and have a section at our main location.

Result - assumimg the plan remains in force.


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