One US super walts view of the rest of the world

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pureteenlard, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Thought I'd share this with you. It was posted on a forum dedicated to the technical aspects of guns and ammunition. Anyway, this poster (a certain Stewart Davies or Shooter20000 - try googling either for a taste of this mans genius . . .) is a rabid anglophobe and a paid up member of the "US is best no matter what" brigade so without further ado I give you this, a dirrect 'cut and paste' of one of his latest posts;

    Outside of the US Army, there are no large compently trained Conventional Armies. If you define "Trained" to mean at least 50% as good as we are. The Brits come close, because they are all volunteer and very profesional, but they just do not have the budget to buy and use MILES and it's bretherine. Simunitions are more than three times the cost of real bullets and are to dangerious to use for any but the best. Paintball is a good substitute for close quarters run and gun drills, but it is not realy a very good simulant. The gist of this is that costs have driven everyone else from the field of "Ultra-realistic" training. As proof of this let me point out that all the better Armies/Nations send their elite opps and trainers to the US to train! All of them. I have first hand expiriance with the Brits; SAS-SBS-Royal Comando and some others, the German's GSG-9 and CTU, Israelis, KSA's Body Gaurds, Several Japanise Military units, Ruski "Special Gaurds" for "Nuclear Instalations" and more than a dozzen minor National players.

    The time has come where the side with the dough can buy a very significant advantage, not only in terms of equipment, but in training and perifial resources too, that make engagement with those well heeled forces suisidal. The various US Forces fire between 8 and fifty times as much ammo as their next nearest competiter in basic training. Soldiers going on to combat arms will shoot much more and Infantry or Marines will shoot much more than that. Then Spec Opps guys will each shoot more ammo than a typical company durring the course of their training year. (Over 500 rounds/week!)

    The so called "Short Course" or "Quick Qual" is forty rounds on a fixed target for score, but the minimal basic course is 80 targets at 50-350M with 96 rounds! Thirty hits on pop-up targets are required for minimal passing score. This is harder than it looks, 45 hits gets a "Sharp Shooter" Badge and 60 hits will get you an "Expert" medal. Since the time available to shoot at any one set of targets is restricted, it is harder than it sounds, even if the targets are huge! 14X44" the bottom couple of inches of which are behind cover. The 50 and 100M targets are 14" high by 22" wide, also with some of the bottom edge hidden. All of the above on just over five minutes of gun time.
  2. Just shoot him in the back of the head and leave him for the dogs.
  3. Have a look here for a view on current US army basic training from an experienced two war US Colonel 8O
  4. Evidently he has never heard of field firing. You know the live training that yanks still fail to give their blokes before deployment which every British infanteer has to do at every major stage in his career. Not to mention as part of his optag package. What a geek!

    Even he thiks their training is p1ss weak. So is ours mind.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Quote ''The various US Forces fire between 8 and fifty times as much ammo as their next nearest competiter in basic training.''

    The various US forces fire between 8 and 50 times as much ammo as there nearest competitor at an Iraqi taxi approaching a checkpoint or a mans dog than most British forces will fire in a 6 month tour

  6. Hmmm... You mean like the Live fire exercises from Individual thru Fire Team through Company level I went through at Ft. Hood, Tx.?

    The KD Range, the Pop-up Range, the CQB range? Mask Fire, Night Fire, etc. The CALFEX involving Tanks, Infantry, Morters, Artillery, CAS? that Training? :roll:

    Stewie is a "Poser" , (Walt), Schmuck of the highest order, If You all believe he's an expert, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell, cheap!
  7. Ahh yes, good to see Arrse is on it's daily Americans completely untrained rant.
  8. As Brits, we can do him with a little more style - remember Lock, Stock and a big black dildo anyone!!! :p

    It scares me to think just how many septics are of his IQ level and beliefs!
  9. Fair bite if you know better.

    But it seems strange that the septics who joined us in batus 2005 had a complete root on because they never get to do it. I quote.

    "This shit is tight, Shit man we live in a blank world of blank unless we go on a mission"

    I only know what i have been told. Although i aint Septic busting. Them boys are mucking in with us in Afghan the same we we mucked in with them in Iraq. I only wish the rest of Nato would "Extract the digit"
  10. Please dont misunderstand, I'm not trying to start a flame war. It's true that in most "Stateside" training Blanks are predominently used. I know that upon mobilization in 2004 My Bde. went through numerous Ranges, Most Soldiers in My Regiment qualifying on several different weapons systems for record. I held qual's on the M4, M16A4, M240(GPMG), M14, M1200 shotgun, & M2HB before leaving Texas.

    In Kuwait I wound up qual. on the Berretta M9 as well. In Iraq we Familiarized with the PKM, RPK, AKM , Ppsh-41 of our Iraqi Counterparts. Now I'm not in some Airborne "Hi-Speed, Low-Drag unit"(More likely the reverse) just a simple Dogface from a NY Guard unit, but our weapons training was well done to prepare us for the Mission.
  11. You do understand that when i say feild firing i dont mean a range package. I mean going and doing everything you do when using blanks. Just live instead. Still with all the same running around and crawling up to windows and posting grenades and crap!
  12. What a Class 1 Walt, thing that got me about he yanks when I was with them on Op Granby was they could NEVER do anything without being told. Funniest thing I saw was when the scuds come in one night at Al JUBAYL and we immediatley masked up and putting on PPE well the yanks with us went into complete headless chicken mode because they had'nt been given authority to PPE up. They were running around shouting and crying (No Shit) and me and my mate just crawled under our Lany and laughed our cocks off. As I remember there NBC kit only had a limited life once out of the sealed bag so they needed 'higher' authority to kit up. So much for them having the best kit. Not long after that one yank gave us an M60 for some of our gash NBC kit!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. An M60? Are we talking a GPMG or a tank here :? A tank for an S10 sounds like an OK deal to me.