One up to us

I can think of two incidents that stick out in the memory that gave me a satisfying one up to us moment. Both at Detmold.

New troop Sergeant trying to make a name for himself on a parade once. Shouting and carrying on as though we were in a training regiment at Catterick. RSM (bless him) bawls out said Sergeant and says "don't shout on my parade, these men are intelligent tradesmen and we don't need that kind of thing in the Corps these days". Words to that effect anyway. Not sure about the intelligent bit though! :D

Second one, in the cookhouse. Guy espys a cockroach in the stew/curry or whatever it was. Calls cook corporal over and points out said vermin. "Oh eat it, it won't harm you" says cook. Enter WO2 cook chappy "What's the problem" he asks our guy. Our guy explains and tells him about the attitude of the corporal. WO picks up tray of food slings it all over the floor, bawls out cook corporal, tells him to clean up that mess and then you are going to the guardroom. It was lovely honest.
Yes but what about the poor cockroach? I heard it became a bandsman with the Devon and Dorsets! Watch out mate the Animal Fights mob could be reading your post!!

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